ALICE Training Institute® Releases Much Needed Safety Resources for Special Education Staff and Students


Medina, OH, May 24, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- May 20, 2019, Medina, Ohio – ALICE Training Institute, the original civilian active shooter response training company in the country, released active shooter response training resources for Special Education staff and students.  As part of the product enhancements planned in 2019 the myriad of resources for students with special needs is the first to be released. We are proud to be providing the educators of our most vulnerable students with plans and resources to increase survivability in a violent intruder incident. As the leading active shooter response program, it is our responsibility to ensure the entire population of an organization is prepared.

The new module is designed to provide additional information for Special Educators and teams who are responsible for the care, safety, and education of students with disabilities.  The ALICE Special Considerations resources include customizable social stories, ALICE power cards, Design Guide and an e-Learning module for the educator to instruct active shooter response training for individuals with special considerations. The social stories can be downloaded and personalized for each student. The power cards use images to reinforce ALICE strategies.

“We are excited to release these new customizable templates for such a unique and talented group of educators.  Active shooter response training specific to this group is a much-needed resource that fits the specific needs of the educators and their students,” said Chad Cunningham, Director of Product Development.

The educators have access to the templates through the ALICE Training Institute e-Learning portal and can download them as often as needed.  Training for students with disabilities must be customized to each student’s individual ability level. These resources were developed specifically for Special Education teachers to help them understand their options to help keep their students safe.

Lisa Crane, co-Founder of ALICE Training Institute said “Many in our Special Education programs are our country’s most vulnerable. As a former special education teacher, I would be remiss if I did not create custom modules for teachers of that population when I had the chance. It takes so much love and patience for teaching this student population, teachers also need knowledge and skills to help keep students safe.”

About ALICE Training Institute

ALICE is the original civilian options-based active shooter response training program that is designed to replace an inadequate lockdown-only response plan. ALICE training addresses the fallacies of a one-size-fits-all response plan by explaining the truths and realities of Violent Critical Incidents. The reality is that extremely tragic outcomes in these events can be mitigated. ALICE options-based proactive strategies empower individuals to participate in their own survival in the face of violence. ALICE strategies are life lessons that are now mirrored and recommended by many Federal and State official guidelines.

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