eleven-x and Skyhook Collaborate to Develop Innovative LoRaWAN Wi-Fi Location Tracking Solution

Solution Provides Accurate and Efficient Network-Based Location Services Without Using Expensive Data Services

Waterloo, Ontario, CANADA

WATERLOO, Ontario, May 28, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- eleven-x Inc., Canada’s leading full service low power IoT solution provider and operator of the first and only public coast-to-coast network optimized for IoT, and Skyhook, pioneers in location-based positioning and operator of the world’s largest independent Wi-Fi and cell-based positioning system, are excited to announce the development of a Wi-Fi-enabled location tracking solution that is optimized for use on LoRaWAN™ networks. 

This innovative hybrid solution combines the best of two of today’s leading wireless technologies - Wi-Fi and LoRaWAN - to enable precise location services for low-cost devices that can be used almost anywhere, with significantly improved accuracy, efficiency and scanning capabilities for Wi-Fi access points. The collaboration included the development of both a reference device architecture and a connectivity platform. Both utilize the key benefits of LoRaWAN technology, specifically the long range, long-life battery power and the low-power data communications. The flexible and adaptable solution extends Skyhook’s technology capabilities and enables fast Wi-Fi access point scanning and signal-level monitoring without the need for expensive cellular data services.

With improved capability and increased cost efficiency, the solution is primed to provide a compelling alternative to current wireless tracking solutions. Use case applications including a wide variety of geo-bounded assets that rely on traditional expensive wireless technologies. Specific use cases include tracking of city assets such as school buses or snow plows, shared bikes and scooters and industrial assets such as pallets, merchandise, work crews and other construction assets.

“We’re excited to work with the eleven-x team on the development of this solution,” said Skyhook’s Director of Product, Nick Knellinger. “With the increase in deployments of LPWAN networks, including both public and private LoRaWAN networks, Skyhook has seen an influx of demand for accurate, network-based localization solutions for various IoT applications. This product and reference architecture allow for the ability to tune for specific power and accuracy requirements for low-power and bandwidth constrained networks, showing what is possible for deployments where extended battery life is a must and GPS hardware may be unnecessary.”

“Leveraging two teams who are experts in their respective technology fields to develop a cost-efficient solution for location-based tracking was really exciting for us,” said eleven-x CEO, Dan Mathers. “The potential of this hybrid solution has the ability to significantly disrupt the current asset tracking space and specifically Smart Cities and industrial use cases where current GPS tracking solutions are simply too cumbersome and costly.”

About Skyhook
Skyhook, a Liberty Broadband company, is a pioneer in location technology and intelligence. The company was founded in 2003 at the outset of the mobile revolution and powered location on all of the early iPhones. We strive for continuous innovation as evidenced by our 650+ patents and the fact that our technology provides the foundation for mobile location services in the global smartphone market. We provide our customers with real-time services and analytical insights via a combination of precise device location and actionable venues. Our products are built on the pillars of trust and respect for individual privacy. To learn more about Skyhook, please visit https://www.skyhook.com/.

About eleven-x Inc.
eleven-x Inc. simplifies IoT and facilitates faster, evidence-driven decisions through wireless connectivity and real-time data collection for Smart Cities, Campuses, Buildings and Industry. We offer complete device to cloud LoRaWAN™ solutions, comprised of accurate and reliable sensor networks delivering secure data to our customers through easy to use dashboards and industry standard APIs. Organizations rely on eleven-x’s wireless connectivity expertise to deliver turnkey solutions that improve operations, simplify processes and deliver value in today’s connected world. Visit eleven-x.com for more information.

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