12 ReTech Corporation’s RUNE NYC Exhibits at the Upcoming [pre] COTERIE Fashion Show at Javits Center in New York City.


Las Vegas, NV, Hong Kong & New York City, NY, June 05, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- 12 ReTech Corporation (OTC: RETC), announced today that its fashion brand, Rune NYC (“RUNE”) will be exhibiting at the [pre] COTERIE fashion show which runs from June 9, 2019 through June 11, 2019 at the Jacob Javits Center in New York City. Readers interested in RUNE will be able to view our Spring 2020 fashion collection at Booth 743.

Angelo Ponzetta, CEO of 12 ReTech commented, “RUNE has been diligently working on expanding their client base and it is very exciting to have the opportunity to show their upcoming Spring 2020 fashion line at this prestigious event. I expect that we will get the attention of apparel buyers from some important national and regional wholesale clients during this show.”

Emily Santamore, Founder and CEO of Rune NYC, LLC commented, “I am very excited to be able to show my Spring 2020 collection at [pre] COTERIE. This is a premier event and a great opportunity to meet with buyers who are looking for their upcoming Spring 2020 catalogue and store offerings. I am looking forward to seeing and re-establishing relationships with many of the apparel industry friends that I have worked with in the past and have a great story to share with them about RUNE’s future which is all possible now that I have become part of the 12 ReTech team.”

Angelo Ponzetta concluded “12 ReTech should also benefit as RUNE connects with other apparel brands who may be looking for a USA manufacturer such as our own Red Wire Group operation or retailers who may be looking for ways to enhance their own customer facing operations with our leading edge 12 Retail Technology solutions. I believe that there are many customers at [pre] COTERIE whom we can provide value to.”

About Rune NYC, LLC

Rune NYC, founded in January 2013, is the product of the founder Emily Santamore’s love of design and insight into the fashion world, featuring a line of fashion leggings and clothing that would satisfy even the most discerning customer.

Emily finds inspiration in her “Rune Woman”, a modern, savvy, strong, empowered woman who defines her own identity and style. All of Rune’s fashions are designed in fashion forward New York City, with the Rune Woman in mind. Our fashions are easy to wear, easy to care for, and sustainably designed and manufactured. Rune NYC brings that fashion forward design to the Rune Woman, so she can exhibit her own style in comfort.

Many of our designs are made from special fibers that contain a 4-way stretch, known for their ability to hold its shape and color over time. These designs will enhance your figure, while still providing comfort and quality, that fits your lifestyle, easily transitioning from gym to office to shopping, or out with friends and family.

Designed with NYC pizazz, all our clothes are manufactured in the United States, providing American jobs and American Quality. Our comfy collections are water resistant and endure wear and tear with all the latest design elements: mesh, zippers, prints, and more.

In addition to production facilities in New York City we now have our own sustainably focused manufacturing factory in Salt Lake City. This allows our conscientious brand to be dedicated to reducing fabric waste and minimizing our carbon footprint by sourcing domestically while using innovative cutting and production procedures.

Rune NYC’s mission is to create clothing that feels good but also does good by being environmentally conscientious.

You’ll feel good while doing good by wearing Rune NYC leggings; fashion that is wearable, slimming, apparel that any Rune Woman can feel good about.

Once only available in select boutiques and major retailers, we have made available some of our latest designs in small quantities directly on our website for the Rune Woman! Visit us often at www.runenyc.com to see our latest fashions.

About 12 ReTech Corporation:

At our core, we are a software company whose technology allows retailers to combat the dual threats of Walmart and Amazon — both online and in physical stores. Our microbrand rollup acquisition strategy allows us to demonstrate the effectiveness of our software, devise and test new products, while providing shareholder value through immediate revenue and earnings growth. The Company operates through our subsidiaries on three continents: 12 Hong Kong, Ltd., 12 Japan, Ltd., 12 Europe A.G., 12 Retail Corporation (and its subsidiaries in North America, including Emotion Fashion Group, Inc., Red Wire Group, LLC and Rune NYC, LLC). For more information please visit our website at www.12ReTech.com.

12 Retech Corporation is publicly listed on the OTC Markets under the symbol RETC.

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