Electrical Safety PPE Market to Rake US$ 21 Billion by 2026

The global electrical safety PPE market is expected to hit around USD 21 billion by 2026 market will grow at a CAGR above 5.4 % over the forecast time frame


LOS ANGELES, June 07, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Acumen Research and Consulting, a global provider of market research studies, in a recently published report titled “Electrical Safety Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Market (By Product: Head Protection [Arc Rated Hoods, Protective Hoods, Hard Hats], Hearing protection [Ear Muffs, Ear Plugs], Eye & Face Protection [Face Shield, Safety Glasses], Hand Protection [Insulating Gloves, Leather Protective Sleeves], Arc Rated Clothing, Protective Footwear; By End-use: Electrical [Power generation, Distribution, Transmission, Electrical welding], Automotive, Oil & Gas, Machinery, Construction, Mining) - Global Industry Analysis, Market Size, Opportunities and Forecast, 2019 - 2026”.

Increasing demand for products should boost industry growth due to the employer's inclination towards superior job security. Customers comfort and safety will increase safety equipping adopted by the growing manufacturer's focus on esthetic looks, thus driving the EPI market size for electrical security.

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It is estimated that by the end of 2026, the size of the arc rated clothing market exceeds USD 3.5 billion. Due to the use of Arc welding equipment in the construction of infrastructural installations including tanks and pipes, Arc-rated clothing is most commonly used during wastewater management development. Arc classified clothing provides absorption, air circulation and electric insulation during the carbonization process, which should stimulate product demand. The increased development of waste water management in industries such as food & drinks, drug products and paper & pulp is expected to speed up the growth of the PPE electrical safety market.

By 2026, the size of the U.S. PEP electrical industry could exceed US$ 6.5 billion. The requirements of the electrical protection equipment for various processes should be addressed with stringent safety rules including Osha General Industry Standards 1910.137.

Due to the high quality standards raised the raw material costs of the increasing replication due to the low-cost procurement of safety equipment. The raw material supply deficit has increased. These factors will probably hamper the demand for products. Complicated production processes to meet stringent safety regulations can curb industry gains, thereby affecting the price range of electrical safety device.

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By the end of 2026, there could be a significant growth of more than 5,5% in electric safety of PPE in the size of the arc classified caps market. This product is mainly used to prevent flash and flash electric arc hazards. It provides protection to your head, ear, neck and shoulder, fog protection, electric and fire resistance and durability which fuel the demand of the product. A rising demand for hoods in the power generation sector should encourage the growth of the PEP electricity market because of increased safety awareness.

Electrical PPE market size from gas/oil sector may see strong gains in the use of low voltage engines, medium voltage machines and distribution boards due to arc-flash, explosions and electric shock hazards. The growing oil and gas sector is supposed to foster product request as a result of expanding investment in petrol exploration activities.

China's electric safety personnel insulating gloves might surpass USD 650 million by the end of 2026 in the market for personal protective equipment. Increased demand for insulating handles including high, medium, low, 0020 voltage isolating gloves in the manufacturing sector should fuel product demand due to superior dielectric, physical strength and flexibility. The rising manufacturing industry in China should increase land production as a result of the Made in China 2025 initiative, thereby driving the growth of the regional industry.

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By the end of 2026, electrical PPE market sizes may exceed USD 250 million in automotive applications. Used mainly in automotive industries because of the prevention of dangerous behavior and radiation that should stimulate product demand. The increased demand for security equipment, including arch-rated clothing, insulated gloves, hard hats and shielding shoes, should stimulate industry growth, in particular by reducing punching and electrocution.

Key Players & Strategies

The EPI market share is competitive and moderately fragmented in global electrical security. Significant manufacturers include MSA Company, Rock Fall Limited, UVEX Safety Group Gmbh, Baymro Safety, Ansell Ltd, USDYOSIGI Safety Equipment private limitée, COFRA S.R.L., 3 M Company, Paulson Manufacturing Corporation; Honeywell International, Inc, and Boddingthons Electric Ltd.

Manufacturers of Electrical Safety PPE products are involved in product improvements including high performance, light weight, respiration and durability, as well as the esthetic characteristics of their products, which will promote the growth of industry.  Companies partner in developing and catering for rising global demand with different research institutes.

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