Company to Unveil the Next Generation of its Construction Project Analytics Platform

Atlanta, GA, June 11, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- SmartPM™ Technologies, provider of the leading project analytics platform for the Construction Industry, announced today they will be exhibiting at the American Association of Cost Engineers’ (AACEI) 2019 International Conference & Expo in New Orleans, where they will debut the latest version of their Construction Project Analytics Platform.

“SmartPM™ is thrilled to once again be exhibiting at AACEI’s annual conference,” said Michael Pink, CEO of SmartPM™ Technologies. “I have personally been involved with AACEI for more than fifteen years, working as a delay analyst for Big 4 consulting firms. I leaned on the AACEI membership and thought leadership to grow my understanding of industry challenges and best practices, and this understanding is ultimately what fuels the SmartPM™ engine. So, I’m looking forward to sharing this new generation of the product with the AACEI community in New Orleans – after all, it was the bright minds of the AACEI membership that made this all possible.”

SmartPM™ was designed to help construction project stakeholders of every kind better understand project performance and mitigate future risk. SmartPM™ clients range from Developers to Owners and from Contractors to Insurance Companies.

In the words of Mr. Pink, “The secret sauce in SmartPM™ is automation of intense analytics that connect the dots between budget overruns, delays and future risk. We bridge the gap between the raw data and the insights people need to understand their data and make informed decisions.” 


What People Are Saying About SmartPM™

According to one experienced scheduling expert, John Grove, “The SmartPM™ software accomplished in fifteen minutes what took me almost three weeks to figure out.  SmartPM™ took twenty schedules and came up with an as-built critical path in minutes along with support data that I didn’t even think I needed. It’s truly just unbelievable.”

Will Chappell, former VP of Development at Wood Partners, had this to say, “Using the SmartPM™ system, we are now driving the successful outcome of our projects effectively instead of waiting with our fingers crossed until the ball inevitably drops.”

Ryan Swingruber, VP of Development at Stoneleigh Companies, shared his thoughts on SmartPM™’s quantifiable return on investment (ROI). “SmartPM™ has saved us approximately $700,000 on our first engagement, minimizing traditional project oversight and legal fees coupled with the elimination of several delay claims by the contractor. We plan to use them on all of our new development projects going forward.”


About SmartPM™

SmartPM™ is the first of its kind, cloud-based, project analytics platform designed specifically for the construction industry. Unlike other construction software, SmartPM™ is a full-cycle project-based, analytics solution, which provides project stakeholders with a 360-degree-view of every project within their portfolio. Key features include: Automated Schedule Analysis, including Schedule Quality Review, Delay Analysis, and Predictive Analytics, which forecasts feasible end dates and helps owners avoid future delays and overruns; Automated Reports, which provide project stakeholders with objective, real-time information about planned versus actual project progress; Executive-Level Dashboards, which provide leadership with a single, integrated view of the entire project portfolio, along with the key insights they need to make informed business decisions, and effectively prioritize the issues and projects that need immediate attention.

SmartPM™ was developed by industry veterans who spent their careers analyzing construction project data to assist stakeholders in effectively managing risk, delays and overruns on their commercial projects.


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