Two Sustainably Designed, Prefabricated Homes Installed in Olympic Valley in Under Five Hours

The six-module duplex part of 30 residences being built in new development

OLYMPIC VALLEY, Calif., June 11, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Over the duration of four-and-a-half hours, Plant Prefab, a company whose mission is to make it easy to build homes that are healthy, sustainable and durable, completed the installation of two prefabricated townhomes in Olympic Valley.

Designed by sagemodern and built in Plant Prefab’s 62,000-square-foot Rialto, CA custom homebuilding facility, the duplex on Palisades Circle, a new street off Creeks End Court, was installed in one afternoon. Consisting of six modules, each home includes 3 bedrooms and 3 full bathrooms in just over 3,000 square feet of living space.

The homes were built when a traditional build would have been nearly impossible due to snow, ice and unfavorable working conditions this spring. By building the modules in Plant Prefab’s climate-controlled facility and having onsite contractor and surveying work being completed while the module builds were in progress, total construction time was cut in half. Construction waste, carrying costs and neighborhood disruptions were also mitigated by completing work offsite.

“During a traditional build, work progresses in a linear fashion and inclement weather slows the construction progress,” said Steve Glenn, founder and CEO of Plant Prefab. “Each delay raises the total cost and time spent on a project. We build homes off-site, in an all-weather facility and in parallel to the site work making the process dramatically faster, less expensive, more reliable, and dramatically less susceptible to weather delays.”

He added, “We build homes that feature better indoor air quality and use far less energy, water and other resources than traditional builds,” said Glenn. “Our homes are a healthy, innovative and cost-efficient alternative for eco-conscious homeowners.”

Post-installation site work, including seam stitching, electrical finish work and landscaping will continue over the course of the next month, prior to residents moving into the space.

Plant Prefab is the first company in the nation that provides custom, architectural, high-quality design and prefabricated construction through sustainable construction, materials, processes and operations. Its homes are built in ways that minimize the negative impact of development on energy, water, other resources and indoor air quality.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, $970.4 billion was spent on private construction as of April this year, with roughly $499 billion allotted to new, residential construction. Given increasing construction challenges such as labor shortages, rising costs, extended timelines and neighborhood disruption, Plant Prefab’s homes, which are, on average, completed 50 percent faster, provide a time and cost-effective solution for high-quality, sustainable, custom home construction.

About Plant Prefab
Plant Prefab is the first prefabricated home factory in the nation dedicated to sustainable construction, materials, processes and operations. The company manufactures custom single and multi-family homes that are high-quality, healthy and durable. With their patented building system, Plant Prefab delivers low-cost homes in half the time and with less waste than traditional, site-based construction. Plant Prefab customers can use their own home designs or select from fully customizable standard models available at Plant Prefab was funded by Obvious Ventures, Amazon, and others. Plant Prefab operates out of a 62,000 square foot facility in Rialto, California.

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