Is Fine Art a Good Investment? Join Treasure Investments Corporation dba Foundry Michelangelo at the Seattle Money Show and Learn Just How Profitable it Can Be.

Treasure Investments Corporation, dba Foundry Michelangelo, is a Bronze Sponsor of the Seattle Money Show. Founder, Mark Russo, and his team have been invited to participate and they plan an all-new floor display of their works. This is the company’s 7th MoneyShow in the past two years, and it promises to be a spectacular event.

Battle Ground, Washington, UNITED STATES

Battle Ground, Washington, June 14, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --

Some of the finest money managers and economists are featured speakers at this event. Forbes Media’s own Steve Forbes will discuss current markets, Mike Turner of Turner Capital Investments will share the intricacies of Exchange-Traded Funds, and Foundry Michelangelo Director of Investor Relations, Michael Sheppard, will explore “Alternative Investments”, a rapidly growing and exciting investment field.


Foundry Michelangelo’s investors were drawn to this fine art company because they consistently produce the most remarkable sculptures by the world’s finest artists. Images range in size and price from highly desirable and affordable desktop editions, to literally monumental sizes. Art collectors around the world seek out these remarkable figures in patriotic, equestrian, cultural, western-themed, and biblical portrayals. Most of them are cast in bronze, but now limited-edition pieces can be produced in any size in not only bronze but pure .999 silver and pure gold! Any and all sizes are cast in Foundry Michelangelo’s own foundries and using authentic, centuries-old techniques; each piece is unique to itself. From rough sketches to hand-finished result, all works are created in-house and allow complete control and flexibility to the entire process.  Using the 6,000-year-old “lost wax” process, precise details are perfectly replicated into each piece. Produced from world-renowned artists in extended issues, limited editions, or even one-off examples in limitless sizes, materials, and finishes.


As Mark describes, “22 of the premier galleries in the United States represent our high-end, more complex pieces like The ‘Presidential’ American Patriot Silver Edition. It is cast in pure .999 silver and will be on display in Seattle. Created by one of our principal artists, world-renowned Lorenzo Ghiglieri. We’ve named it The ‘Presidential’ American Patriot Silver Edition.  It depicts a magnificent American Bald Eagle holding Article One of the U. S. Constitution in its talons. A bronze edition of this same sculpture will also be on display.


Foundry Michelangelo sculptures may be found in private and public collections literally all over the world, including the White House Permanent Collection. An American Patriot bronze will join several of their other equally magnificent pieces on display in our nation’s Presidential mansion. Our company has created some of the largest monuments ever seen, from 30-foot bronze eagles, to a life-size whale for a zoo in Anchorage, Alaska, to life-size bronze elephants.


We’ve chosen a variety of themes, sizes, metals, and finishes to be featured in our display at the show.  For example, for those who have memories of a recently celebrated Mother’s Day, we think you will be charmed by Rebecca Clarke’s depiction of “Mother and Child”, a 2-1/2-foot-tall bronze and limited edition of only 475.


And since this is the Money Show, visitors to our booth will notice a two by three foot bronze sculpture created by Lorenzo Ghiglieri, entitled The New Powerful Exchange. Investors and collectors alike will recognize the American Stock Exchange’s symbol, represented by a fierce confrontation between a bull and bear.  Did you know that during the California Gold Rush, miners used to pit bears and bulls together in a fighting ring?  The bloody sport eventually was outlawed, but the symbolic strength of the two animals translated into modern Wall Street’s catchphrase, as the bull tends to slash upward and the bear strikes downward. And what better venue than the Seattle MoneyShow could be chosen to display this iconic piece?


We are eager to participate in this year’s Seattle MoneyShow, in our home state of Washington, and believe our sensational booth display and unique agenda will be enthusiastically received by collectors and investors.”


The MoneyShow, produces conferences worldwide to enable financial service companies, market specialists and financial media partners to exchange ideas on an interactive personal level. Seventeen live events are produced annually in four international markets:  The United States, Canada, England, and China.


About Treasure Investments Corporation, dba Foundry Michelangelo:          

Mark Russo and CEO, Casey Powell, have built a diverse business platform, creating and providing fine art in original sculptures from small desktop collectibles to larger-than-life heroic monuments cast in bronze, pure silver, gold, and resin. Casey, a seasoned business leader and successful developer of several companies across the U. S., was Founder and CEO of Sequent Computer Systems that was sold to IBM for $1B. Foundry Michelangelo’s master mold collection contains over 1,500 original molds from world-famous artists. Featured artists remain Lorenzo Ghiglieri and his son, Laran, but now include works created from a substantial collection of company-owned original molds, including iconic works from Frederic Remington, C. M. Russel, Edgar Degas, Auguste Rodin, and Michelangelo Buonarroti. For more information, visit


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Mark Russo

Phone:  360.954.5453



Foundry Michelangelo Founder, Mark Russo, and Director of Investor Relations, Michael Sheppard, stand proudly next to The 'Presidential' American Patriot Silver Edition sculpture in Treasure Investments Corp's MoneyShow booth Madonna Bust Michelangelo cast by Foundry Michelangelo in a limited edition of 777

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