Recent Car Accident of Ocean County Lady Underscores Need for Car Insurance From Liberty Automotive Protection

Ocean, New Jersey, UNITED STATES

Ocean, New Jersey, June 17, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Three days after a car crash took the life of an old lady in Ocean County, New Jersey, the CEO of a leading car insurance company in New Jersey called on car owners to have themselves and their car insured against accidents. He states that the recent tragedy and the loss of life can be painful and the need for car insurance in New Jersey to protect each family should be a dire concern for everyone.

These truthful words were said by Liberty Automotive Protection CEO Michael Shaftel in the hopes of stirring people who own a vehicle. The company, Automotive Protection, is based in Ocean County.

Insurance Research Council data estimates that 14.9% of drivers in New Jersey are uninsured. These figures made New Jersey with the 14th highest number of uninsured drivers in the entire United States. The current Automotive Protection CEO also mentions that this figure is disturbing enough to stir into everyone’s consciousness. “Car insurance is something that drivers should take seriously for their own benefit,” Shaftel added.

What Liberty Automotive Protection’s car insurance policy covers

According to Shaftel, Liberty Automotive Protection has four kinds of car insurance policies that New Jersey drivers may get for their vehicle. All plans would still apply to an insured vehicle damaged outside of New Jersey, he said. Shaftel also adds that several contributory factors including weather and the wear and tear of the component can make accidents more likely to happen.

He shifted his focus on the value of car insurance, adding that vehicle owners can take their car to an affiliated mechanic for immediate repairs and save on the repair bills

Under Liberty Automotive Protection’s Select Coverage, the company will pay for damaged engines, brakes, car electronics, and transmission, which are among the most essential parts of a car. The comprehensive insurance package also includes payment for roadside assistance.

He emphasizes that car owners never know when and where an incident might happen. A flat tire or an engine can happen anytime and anywhere. What auto protection does is to save car owners from untoward expense as the company pays for any roadside emergency. Service protection can also be accessed anywhere within affiliated states provided their cars are covered.

While newer vehicles may apply for Select Coverage, older vehicles may apply for Engine Coverage. Liberty Automotive Protection will pay for replacement or repair of engine parts that are prone to breakdowns such as the piston, timing chain, oil pump, and valves of vehicles.

“If you have been using your car uninsured for years now, you can still have its engine insured and avoid the stress of expensive engine repairs in the future,” Shaftel explained.

Liberty Automotive’s other car insurance policies

Some car owners still plan to continue using their car after their vehicle’s warranty expires. These car owners can apply for Powertrain Coverage to keep their car protected after their warranty expires. Shaftel said that owners could reduce the expenses related to overhauling the car engine’s lubricated parts with Powertrain Coverage.

Shaftel also says that the costs of a transmission repair can go beyond $1,000. This is something most drivers would find costly after the vehicle’s warranty expires. Several packages including the  Powertrain Coverage includes repair payments for a car transmission

But other parts of a car may also experience damage after the vehicle’s warranty has expired. Electrical components may fail and cause the door and window locks and windshield wiper to no longer work. Various electrical components may fail at the same time and could bring total repair costs to $800. A car’s air conditioning system may also weaken through time and breakdown eventually.

Essential fixes in electrical components may cost at least $1,000 or more. Liberty Automotive Protection’s Powertrain Enhanced Coverage can help vehicle owners bear the cost of these expensive repairs in addition to those parts of the car already included under Powertrain Coverage, Shaftel said.

“New Jersey is one of the most expensive places for car owners to repair their car. Luckily, a car insurance company in this state can help them. Drivers in New Jersey can turn to us,” Shaftel concluded.


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