AB International Groups Performance Matching Application Continues to Experience Growth and Further Development

AB International’s Innovative Platform, Integrated with the WeChat Official Account, Continues to Gain Popularity and Users

Hong Kong and New York, June 18, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- via NEWMEDIAWIRE -- AB International Group Corp. (OTCQB: ABQQD), today announced that their WeChat Official account, which has a fully integrated, novel matching platform for the entertainment industry, continues to receive increased development and subscribers. AB International Group's Performance Matching Platform, which is similar in concept to Uber, offers individuals access to performers, owners and merchants for easily booked events, shows and entertainment activities worldwide. The Company’s WeChat profile, created March 10, 2019, has swiftly grown to an impressive 831 followers prior to the Company’s planned integration of its matching application. After the initial rollout of the Matching Platform, AB International’s follower count surged, by more than 500 new followers, illustrating the potential impact of the platform within the market.

As of January 2019, WeChat, reportedly the fifth most-used app in the world, has an estimated one billion active users daily.  AB International’s strategy to deploy their Matching Platform through their WeChat account, simultaneously leverages the social media juggernaut’s pre-existing audience as well as WeChat’s 79% Chinese social media market penetration.  

In 2017, WeChat generated over $50 billion within the Chinese economy, and is projected to increase their market penetration over the next few years, potentially capturing 82% of the market share of smartphone users and 89% of messaging app users by 2021; therefore, AB International’s Matching Platform should encompass the reach to allow performers and talent agents to connect with potential clients. Additionally, the Matching Platform can be used by studio owners, specialized equipment leasing companies, and concert venues to allow individuals seeking specific entertainment industry based services to effortlessly book directly with providers.   Entertainment service providers will also have the ability to enhance their experience through additional paid advertising, promoting their services to other platform users, increasing their visibility. 

Planned upgrades to the WeChat Matching Platform include an artificial intelligence feature, which will suggest and automate the matching services. The AI will be programmed to incorporate users’ schedules, budget and location to maximize profit and decrease the costs and time needed when searching for service providers. AB International expects to launch the AI feature by July 2019, with an initial rollout, followed by a complete integration by November 2019.

AB International believes its WeChat Matching Platform could potentially open the Chinese markets to foreign media companies, foreign celebrities and talent and will propel AB International to the forefront of talent management, becoming the leading global talent agency for performers and users alike. 

About AB International Group Corp. 

AB International Group Corp. is an IP Investment and Licensing Firm, focused on acquisitions and development of various intellectual property. We currently have a Patent License Agreement pursuant to which Guangzhou Shengshituhua Film and Television Company Limited, a company incorporated in China, granted the AB International Group a worldwide license to a video synthesis and release system for mobile communications equipment, in which the technology is the subject of a utility model patent in the People's Republic of China. We recently launched new business applications through smartphones and official social media accounts based on Tencent’s WeChat platform, utilizing Artificial Intelligence, it is a matching platform for performers, advertiser merchants, and owners for more efficient services. It generates revenues through an agency service fee from each matched performance. Currently, there are hundreds of active members, which is increasing daily as new companies and performers are registering for membership. In 2019, we are also actively exploring investments in Chinese movies copyright and release rights.

For additional information visit www.abqqs.com

Forward-Looking Statements 

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