Ondas Networks Announces Strategic Partnership with Telewave for Disaster Relief Market Expansion

SUNNYVALE, Calif., June 19, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Ondas Holdings Inc., (OTCQB: ONDS) through its wholly owned subsidiary, Ondas Networks Inc., a developer of private licensed wireless data networks for mission-critical industrial markets, today announced that it has entered into a partnership and reseller agreement with Telewave, Inc. to promote the Company’s networking solutions within the disaster relief market.

Telewave is a designer and manufacturer of high quality radio frequency (RF) system products for wireless system operators, public safety providers, local and state governments, and federal agencies in the U.S. and internationally. Based in San Jose, California, Telewave has a forty-seven year history supplying seamless, interoperable communication systems and products that provide security and reliability to over 7,500 equipment and network manufacturers and government agencies throughout the world.

As a value added reseller, Telewave will offer the Company's FullMAX software defined radio (SDR) platform to its existing base of local and state government, first responders and utility customers. Furthermore, Telewave will include and highlight the Ondas Networks Mobile Van solution for mobile, secure mission-critical wireless network connectivity, within its Telewave Assistance in Disaster (AID) program, to assist entities whose systems and infrastructure has been damaged by extreme natural or man-made events.

Designed to quickly and efficiently establish a mobile, temporary private wireless emergency communications network, the Ondas Mobile Van provides approximately 2,800 square miles of wide area data communications coverage using privately licensed radio frequencies. The van comes equipped with a 50-foot telescoping tower and the FullMAX technology which meets the IEEE 802.16s standard for mission-critical wireless data communications.

“Our customers depend on us to provide them with secure and reliable RF network options, and Ondas Networks’ FullMAX and Mobile Van technology offer valuable solutions for the growing disaster relief market, which is being accelerated by the increasing number of natural and man-made disasters over the last five years,” said Bob Saffari, VP of Sales and Marketing, Telewave. “We’re looking forward to partnering with the Ondas Networks team and to including their technologies within our established portfolio of network solutions.”

“Telewave is a well-established, high quality Telecom infrastructure player for mission critical applications within the utility, Public Safety, and government agency sectors, with nearly half a century of experience servicing these industries. We are excited to partner with Telewave to further establish our technology within these key markets,” said Suresh Palliparambil, Chief Revenue Officer, Ondas Networks. “Most importantly, we look forward to seeing the Ondas FullMAX Software Defined Radios rolled out with Telewave RF Systems while the Ondas Mobile Van solution becomes part of the Telewave AID disaster recovery efforts. We believe it is a natural fit for this portfolio due to its ability to quickly deploy reliable and available wide area coverage."

To learn more about Ondas Networks, Telewave or the new partnership, please contact inquiries@ondas.com.

About Ondas Holdings Inc.
Ondas Holdings Inc., through its wholly owned subsidiary, Ondas Networks Inc., is a developer of private licensed wireless data networks for mission-critical industrial markets. The Company designs and manufactures its multi-patented, Software Defined Radio (SDR) platform for Mission Critical IoT (MC-IoT) applications. Ondas Networks’ customer end markets include utilities, oil and gas, transportation, and government entities whose demands span a wide range of mission critical applications that require secure communications over large and diverse geographical areas, many of which are within challenging radio frequency environments. Customers use the Company's SDR technology to deploy their own private licensed broadband wireless networks. The Company also offers mission-critical entities the option of a managed network service. Ondas Networks’ SDR technology supports IEEE 802.16s, the new worldwide standard for private licensed wide area industrial networks. For additional information, visit www.ondas.com, www.otcmarkets.com or follow Ondas Networks on Twitter and LinkedIn.

About Telewave, Inc.
Telewave, Inc. designs and manufactures high quality RF system products. It serves wireless system operators, public safety providers, local and state governments, and federal agencies in the United States and internationally. Telewave strives to be the premier supplier of seamless interoperable communication systems that provide security and reliability in mission critical eco-systems for both commercial and military applications worldwide. Telewave products are used by more than 7,500 equipment and network manufacturers and government agencies throughout the world. Founded in 1972, the company is based in San Jose, California. For more information about, or to purchase the iDAS, or any other Telewave products or services, contact your Telewave sales representative, or contact Telewave directly – web www.telewave.com, phone 1-800-331-3396 Option 1, or email sales@telewave.com.

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