MobiledgeX Shares Wealth Of Edge Computing Research Data To Jumpstart Industry-Wide Collaboration As It Kicks Off Early Access Developer Program

San Jose, California, UNITED STATES

  • Creates interactive, living edge market model and opens to industry for ongoing contribution following three-year research initiative based on interviews with more than 200 global businesses about planned edge strategies.
  • Releases interactive Edge Navigator tool to help developers determine whether their app or device represents a strong near-term edge computing opportunity.
  • Begins accepting applications from developers that want to access MobiledgeX code and services at no cost to begin experimenting in live edge networks.

SAN FRANCISCO, June 20, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- MobiledgeX, which is making edge computing widely available and easy to access, today released more than three years of proprietary edge use case research and launches its interactive Edge Navigator tool to kick off industry-wide edge knowledge sharing and collaboration. Following interviews with more than 200 global businesses, the company found multi-player and cloud gaming, V2X communications, and Industrial IoT to be among the most viable near-term edge use cases based on nine critical market and edge-related factors. It is now making the data widely available to interested parties and inviting the expanding edge industry to contribute to it in an effort to help identify and speed edge business models and deployments. MobiledgeX also today began accepting applications to its early access developer program from app creators and device makers that want to experiment with the power of edge computing performance in live networks. These developments represent a major milestone for the company and its “Edge Experience” initiative.

Data Behind Exploration Of Early Edge Opportunities

A three year research effort, initiated by Deutsche Telekom and continued by MobiledgeX, revealed the currently perceived top use cases based on market factors that include market opportunity, venture capital activity, maturity/time-to-market, and network coverage needed, and edge factors that include criticality of latency, volume of data exchange, geospatial knowledge requirements, hyper-local grouping demands and data residency requirements. One-on-one interviews exploring the development plans of more than 200 diverse global businesses were conducted to understand planned innovation and associated network requirements.

The top 15 edge use cases identified also include geographical information systems (GIS) and positioning, video surveillance, unmanned traffic management, and vision/camera-related applications.

The results of the years-long research effort are also summarized in independent analysis of the data and broader edge computing market opportunity from industry analyst Chetan Sharma in the “Edge Computing Framework: Understanding The Opportunity Roadmap” report.

Early Access Program Kickstarts Edge Experimentation In Live Networks

MobiledgeX’s Early Access program provides developers with free access to live edge infrastructure, consultative support, discovery and guidance from a team of edge experts, promotional support and opportunities to network with other edge application developers. The company began accepting applications for the six-month program today and aims to target developers in Europe, North America, and Asia across the balance of this year.

“Edge computing innovation and progress can’t happen in a vacuum and as MobiledgeX seeks to help build a thriving edge ecosystem, it is investing in the critical resources that developers of all sizes will need to get started with edge now,” said Sunay Tripathi, CTO and EVP of Engineering for MobiledgeX. “We’re excited for our early access program members to begin optimizing their applications to leverage the edge and trial it in actual live edge networks to fast-track their journeys to the delivery of next-generation user experiences.”

Developers entering the early access program will join companies like 1000 realities which has already begun working with MobiledgeX to unlock the benefits of edge computing.

“Edge computing delivers the low latency that allows us to offer users of our augmented reality spatial mapping and positional platform the highest precision for a flawless experience, which will help us quickly and seamlessly scale our business across the globe,” said Justyna Janicka, Co-Founder and COO of 1000 Realities.

MobiledgeX welcomes developers of any potential edge use case to apply to its early access program.

Edge Navigator Use Case Model

Developers, businesses and product owners eager to understand whether their application or device makes future sense can use MobiledgeX’s Edge Navigator research tool, which was built based on the company’s expansive edge use case research project. It offers an interactive market viability exploration experience with the capability to adjust the edge and market factors driving the model for customization to a specific vertical or geography, and see data collected from other developers using the tool. Over time, Edge Navigator aspires to become a key driver of real-time conversation around next-generation use cases that will be powered by the edge.

“We are exposing years of edge use case research and making it available within Edge Navigator, along with our initial perspectives on the data, to start a larger conversation among the expanding edge community of developers, operators, device makers and technology leaders,” said Eric Braun, CCO of MobiledgeX. “We intend for this collaborative endeavor to help the global edge ecosystem contribute to a public knowledge base where resulting data and insights can be debated, enhanced with other market findings, and most importantly, acted upon for a smoother path to edge success.”

Initial insights from contributions to Edge Navigator by users will be available and shared within Edge Navigator later this summer, once trends and key findings begin to materialize. 

About MobiledgeX Inc. MobiledgeX Inc. is building a marketplace of edge resources and services that will connect developers with the world’s largest mobile networks to power the next generation of applications and devices. MobiledgeX is an edge computing company founded by Deutsche Telekom AG and headquartered in San Francisco, California. MobiledgeX Media Center:

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