Beliss Corp. (Treasure Shipwreck & Recovery) Announces World-renowned Underwater Archaeologist Dr. E. Lee Spence as Chairman and Chief Operating Officer

Famous treasure hunter to run all treasure salvage operations

S. Petersburg, Florida, UNITED STATES

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla., June 24, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- via NetworkWire – Treasure Shipwreck & Recovery, Inc. (“TSR”) (currently Beliss Corp.) (OTC: BLIS) is excited to announce that Dr. E. Lee Spence, one of the best-known underwater archaeologists, shipwreck historians and treasure hunters of all time, has agreed to join TSR as the company’s chief operating officer and chairman of the board of directors. Each contract is for a five-year period.

As COO, Spence has committed to oversee and evaluate all treasure site targeting, operations, crew and contractor selection, research and all other matters necessary for the successful conduct of treasure finding and recovery. Spence has supervised and selected dozens of treasure salvage expeditions and brings to TSR a real-life “underwater Indiana Jones.”

Spence is one of history’s greatest treasure hunters, completing explorations to exotic places in the Far East, Europe, Central and South America. He has dived and discovered historical wrecks in the Great Lakes, the Atlantic, the Pacific, Mediterranean and Caribbean, and has been featured on both radio and television.

Finding his first shipwrecks at age 12, Spence’s childhood dreams of discovery became his life. He has spent almost 60 years finding and exploring hundreds of shipwrecks. Spence has been shot at, buried in cave-ins, tangled in fishing nets, pinned under wreckage, run out of air, lost inside a wreck, and bitten by fish while pursuing his quests.

Spence was directly or indirectly responsible for the discovery and recovery of an estimated $1 billion in treasure including playing an important role in the researching and locating of the treasure-rich wrecks of the SS Republic and SS Central America. Those are two of the richest treasure wrecks ever found, collectively yielding hundreds of millions of dollars in gold and silver coins and bullion. In addition to dozens of Civil War shipwrecks, Spence found the wreck of the CSS Hunley, the first submarine in history to sink an enemy ship and considered one of the most important and valuable historical wrecks ever found.

Spence has partnered with TSR to find and recover Spanish, pirate and other treasure wrecks in a series of new expeditions throughout the waters of North America and the Caribbean. Spence holds rights to a number of shipwrecks, which he will work with TSR. Spence is a member of Mensa and has written dozens of books, making him one of the world’s most respected experts on shipwrecks. As chairman, Spence has also agreed to be in charge of finding, through his many connections throughout the world, a third (independent) member for TSR’s board of directors.

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