AGMA Points to Education as Key to Identifying and Preventing Threats to IP

Introduces Newest Training Session for Members Titled “Detection of Deception”

Los Gatos, California, UNITED STATES

LOS GATOS, Calif., June 25, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Protecting the invention, innovation, research, design, and testing involved in creating intellectual property (IP) is critical for high-tech companies around the globe. According to AGMA, to effectively protect a company’s valuable IP, education is pivotal. A nonprofit organization and the largest group solely focused on IP in the high-tech industry, AGMA provides education to its members in a variety of forms – from webinars to white papers. But paramount to the organization’s membership are mission-critical training sessions that arm them with the best practices and knowledge needed to mitigate threats to IP.

To develop these interactive training sessions, AGMA taps into its vast network of experts in fields ranging from gray marketing to counterfeiting to service and warranty abuse. The newest addition to AGMA’s training schedule is titled “Detection of Deception,” which is based on proven intelligence-gathering techniques designed to teach participants to detect deception in all forms of communication across cultures. This session provides best practices to identify verbal and non-verbal behaviors indicative of deception or lack of confidence in interviews with suspects. Armed with this knowledge, participants are then able to focus on areas of concern during interviews. The session is taught by a firm staffed by former U.S. intelligence officers recognized for their expertise in providing training in information-collection methodologies for government agencies, law enforcement entities and private corporations.

The sharing of information is critical when tackling challenging, complex brand protection issues, and AGMA holds quarterly conferences to bring its member companies together for this purpose. Training sessions such as “Detection of Deception” are given at these conferences, which take place at various locations around the globe and are a distinct benefit of AGMA membership. AGMA member conferences provide valuable insights and insiders’ perspectives from some of the industry’s most influential technology companies – information that would be next to impossible to come by otherwise.

Additional training sessions from AGMA include:

  • “Open Source Intelligence” – Provides advanced online investigative search techniques and strategies. Topics covered include privacy and proxies, approaches to searching, deep web, pay databases, ways to utilize social media in investigations, and more.
  • “Doing Business in China” – Provides an overview of brand protection, how counterfeiting affects China and the role of Chinese law enforcement agencies in the process. Also includes case studies on specific cases.
  • “Compliance: Global Anti-Corruption Enforcement Trends, Risk Assessment and Promoting an Ethical Culture” – Covers topics surrounding FCPA compliance, including risk assessment, designing and managing a compliance program, code of conduct, company policies and procedures, and more.

“AGMA is the tech industry’s strategic partner in the fight against intellectual property threats,” said AGMA President Sally Nguyen. “Educating the high-tech industry and developing best practices in the fight against IP threats is a critical part of what we do. After all, no one can identify and detect threats unless they know what to look for. Once a threat is identified, it’s important to know how to address it to prevent or minimize damage. Our hands-on training sessions enable our members to do just that.”

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About AGMA
AGMA is a nonprofit organization comprised of influential companies in the technology sector. Incorporated in 2001, AGMA’s mission is to address gray market fraud, parallel imports, counterfeiting, software piracy, and service abuse of technology products around the globe. The organization’s goals are to protect intellectual property and authorized distribution channels, improve customer satisfaction and preserve brand integrity.

AGMA welcomes technology manufacturers, as well as persons or entities that own or hold intellectual property rights to finished goods outside the technology industry; government and law enforcement officials; product and service providers who provide goods and/or services to combat gray market fraud, counterfeiting and warranty and service abuse threats. AGMA uses a variety of avenues to cultivate change in the marketplace, including event speaking, educational initiatives, benchmark studies, industry guidelines, and, where appropriate, public policy advocacy. To learn more about AGMA’s initiatives or to become a member, please visit or follow them on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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