IgnitionOne Enhances its Flagship Website Personalization

New enhancements foster engagement and improve customer experience for brand websites

NEW YORK, June 26, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- IgnitionOne, a global marketing technology and services leader, today announced new enhancements to its leading Website Personalization offering. Powered by IgnitionOne Customer Intelligence, Website Personalization allows marketers to interact with customers at the most important stage of their customer journey, when they are actively engaging with the brand.

IgnitionOne is releasing a suite of new interaction types that will balance targeted engagement and customer experience. Website Personalization combines the benefits of the IgnitionOne Score, empowering marketers to target customers intelligently based on their behavior; advanced identity resolution, which allows marketers to target each customer consistently and effectively across channels and devices; and industry-leading customer data models that predict each customer’s likelihood to convert or undertake a specific action. The new interactions being offered include: banners, which can inform customers about a promotion, offer or product recommendation; a notification, which can launch anywhere on the page and provide richer curated content; and a full-page interaction, which can effectively deliver messages that will incentivize very targeted behavior. These options give marketers ultimate flexibility and control of the customer journey without the need of their site and development team.

IgnitionOne also offers best-in-breed omnichannel personalization, which is now available for Website Personalization. This allows a marketer to not only target the right customer at the right time with the appropriate interaction, it also allows them to deliver the right message, in real time, to each customer. Customers not only expect personalized experiences and offers from brands, but that those offers drive the highest conversion and retention.

With these enhancements, Website Personalization can be configured to achieve various goals, including: marketing initiatives such as email capture or drive-to-store; ecommerce goals such as reducing stalled or abandoned checkout; better merchandising by providing accurate product recommendations; and customer service efforts such as gaining reviews or soliciting customer feedback. With real-time contextual data including weather and location, IgnitionOne Website Personalization helps brands provide a more meaningful omnichannel customer experience.

“Our industry has seen an increasing shift toward prioritizing the customer experience and putting the customer first,” said Christopher Hansen, COO at IgnitionOne. “These new enhancements to Website Personalization are a direct response to consumer demand for a more customer-centric focus – and customer expectations for truly personalized messaging.”

In conjunction with the new offerings, IgnitionOne is providing qualified marketers with an exclusive promotion of one free basic interaction on their website after signing up. Website Personalization empowers brands to better engage with customers on their most important channel to provide an optimal website experience that enriches the customer journey and aids each customer along their path to purchase.

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IgnitionOne’s leading Customer Intelligence Platform enables marketers to find, value and engage their best customers in order to maximize digital marketing results. IgnitionOne’s technology provides real-time, actionable insights for smarter marketing decisions and omnichannel engagement. IgnitionOne is one of the largest independent marketing technology companies in the world, currently scoring over 600 million users monthly in 75 countries and powering more than $60 billion in revenue each year for leading brands including Samsung, General Motors, Dollar General, Lenovo, La Quinta, and Lumber Liquidators.

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