Kentico Software Launches Kentico 12 Service Pack Giving Marketers More Control to Launch Campaigns Faster

Latest Kentico release helps marketers create, optimize, customize, and rapidly go-to-market with campaigns without relying heavily on developers

Bedford, New Hampshire, UNITED STATES

BEDFORD, N.H., June 26, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Today, Kentico Software announced the launch of Kentico 12 Service Pack, enhancing its digital experience platform for marketers and developers.

The latest release allows marketers to have more control over content management and gain more independence from developers. At the heart of the Kentico 12 Service Pack is its MVC (Model-View-Controller) core development model, which brings many new features and improvements designed to give marketers and developers more freedom.

Available since Kentico 6, the company has continued to develop MVC functionality within the product, which was brought to the forefront when Kentico 12 launched last November.

“The new MVC capabilities in the Kentico 12 Service Pack demonstrate a significant step forward for us and will help our partners and clients stay ahead of the curve,” said David Komarek, Product Owner - Content Management at Kentico Software. “The additional features accelerate time to market and allow businesses to fully optimize their marketing efforts. We’re giving marketers the control and agility they need, while developers can concentrate on what they love doing most.”

Key features of the Kentico 12 Service Pack include:

A/B Testing
A/B Testing is now available in MVC to optimize website performance and appears directly inside the Pages application. Users can easily create and manage variants from within the platform and can promote the winning variant with a new single-click action that automatically promotes the winner to the page tree and finishes the test.

Page Templates
MVC Page Templates save time and are easily customized with different layouts, backgrounds, and colors. Developers can create a library of templates using best practices, brand guidelines, and common landing page requirements for marketers so that they can create and save new pages with the option of creating a ‘Custom template’ from one they may have edited.

New Selectors and Components
Path Selector and Media Selector are two new out-of-the-box selectors. The Path Selector allows users to choose the relevant path to link to other content pages directly from the page tree. The Media Selector enables users to select a new media item such as a picture or video directly from the media library. In addition, Kentico 12 Service Pack introduces File Uploader, a new out-of-the-box feature. When creating a form, users can quickly upload content with their form submission.

Other Enhancements

  1. Consent agreements can be viewed in the Data Protection application
  2. Plain text and rich-text for the body of emails can be viewed in the Email queue
  3. MVC Preview can be opened in a new tab

Future Roadmap

The future of Kentico’s digital experience platform belongs to MVC. The company plans to continue the push with MVC and to move toward ASP.NET Core MVC with the next major release of Kentico in September 2020. Along with the release, Kentico has also published an updated Transition Guide, Cheat Sheet, documentation, and more.

“We’re focused on helping new and existing customers transition to MVC and reap the rewards of doing so. We are committed to developing a robust, all-in-one platform. Among other exciting developments, in the near future, we plan to release an Open Source MVC marketplace to make it easy for users to access open source components to use in their MVC projects,” said Michal Kadak, Product Owner – Platform at Kentico Software.

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