Snappy Tomato Pizza Launches The FREE Family Fun Guide 2019 – It’s like a Snappy Tomato Beast Pizza with Everything.

Introducing the Free Family Fun (Travel) Guide 2019 piled high with numerous day trip adventures, activities and attractions. All in an effort to provide summer travel inspiration while enjoying a scrumptious Snappy Tomato Pizza.

Burlington, Kentucky, UNITED STATES

Burlington, Kentucky, June 28, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --

Snappy Tomato Pizza is excited to unveil the free Family Fun Guide 2019, available in hard copy and digital formats.  This 16-page, full color, travel guide underscores thirty-seven featured attractions from Knoxville, Tennessee to Rabbit Hash, Kentucky and Columbus, Indiana to Cincinnati, Ohio.  The five highlighted day trips reveal the beauty and grandeur of the regions surrounding our Snappy Tomato Pizza locations.  The promotion is geared to drive tourism, family travel and pizza consumption. 

“We wanted to show our commitment to the communities that have a Snappy Tomato Pizza location and encourage travel for those without a store, to experience the Snappy Tomato Pizza difference,” stated Andy Ritter, Marketing Director for Snappy Tomato Pizza corporate, “…so grab a free Family Fun Guide, get out there, explore and enjoy a Snappy Tomato Pizza while you’re at it.” 

The Family Fun Guide’s compact size allows it to easily travel with you, in your pocket, on the car visor or in your backpack.  The free digital version found on is completely mobile friendly with active phone numbers and website links to each of the included attractions.  Both versions demonstrate the ease with which the Family Fun Guide 2019, presented by Snappy Tomato Pizza, can help make your summer even more memorable.  Explorers are encouraged to post their adventures to social media using the hashtag #SnappySummer.

Each Family Fun Guide day trip is paired with their region’s favorite variety of Snappy Tomato Pizza.  Together we present five fun day trips and five distinct pizza combinations: Cincinnati / Northern Kentucky features the Signature Ranch Pizza, Knoxville, Tennessee the Junior Beast Pizza, Adams County, Ohio the Snapperoni Pizza, Columbus, Indiana the award-winning Loaded Potato Pizza, and Rising Sun, Indiana the Snappy Veggie Pizza.  In addition to pizzas, all Snappy Tomato Pizza locations offer a diverse menu of salads, wings and hoagies for carry out and delivery, and some locations have dine-in areas as well.

All of the highlighted attractions and businesses were included in the Family Fun Guide 2019 at no cost to them.  Snappy Tomato Pizza plans to distribute 50,000 Family Fun Guides across its 47 store locations, the 37 featured attractions and via our radio partnerships. 

Four stations will air thirty-second advertisements from Wednesday, June 19 to Wednesday, August 21:

  • WKFS in Cincinnati, OH
  • WWST in Knoxville, TN
  • WKKG in Columbus, IN
  • WVEZ in Louisville, KY

As part of the promotional campaign, anyone that accesses the digital version of the Family Fun Guide will have the opportunity to register to win FREE Snappy Tomato Pizza for a year.  Complete rules and regulations for the contest are available at

Included in the Family Fun Guide is a complete map of all the current Snappy Tomato Pizza locations, an introduction to franchising opportunities and exclusive coupon offers.  The special offers from the guide can be redeemed at any store location as well as online, where ordering is a “SNAP!”

The debut of the Family Fun Guide will be included in the grand opening celebration of the newest Snappy Tomato Pizza location in Lawrenceburg, Indiana. 

Search locations, order online and strategize your summer adventure with the digital Family Fun Guide all at www.Snappy


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Snappy Tomato Pizza was founded in 1978 in Fort Mitchell, Kentucky, as a single independent pizza operation. Today, Snappy Tomato Pizza has grown to over 47 locations across five states: Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, Indiana and New Mexico.  What started as an all-in bet at a horse race track in Kentucky on a horse named Snappy Tomato is now a beloved casual family restaurant and one of the most sought-after franchise opportunities nationwide. Featured signature menu items include the complete line of The Beast pizzas, Snapperoni, the Ranch Pizza and the Loaded Potato Pizza, in addition to delectable wings, salads and hoagies.  Snappy Tomato Pizza is infamous for their always fresh ingredients, secret recipe award-winning sauce, the unique line of Beast Pizzas and the ever memorable Snappy Tomato logo.  

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For more information about Snappy Tomato Pizza, our Family Fun Guide 2019 and available franchise opportunities, visit or call 1.888.463.SNAP (7627).




Snappy Tomato Pizza Family Fun Guide 2019 - A 16-page Family Focused Day Trip Travel Guide including Knoxville, Tennessee; Rabbit Hash, Kentucky; Cincinnati, Ohio; Columbus, Indiana; and Adams County, Ohio. #SnappySummer - Snappy Tomato Pizza Award-Winning Loaded Potato Pizza - featured in the Family Fun Guide 2019 Family Focused Day Drip Travel Assistant. - #SnappySummer

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