World Finance explores debt in Sub-Saharan Africa, economic duality in South East Asia and more in its Summer 2019 edition

LONDON, July 08, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Thanks to growing technological infrastructure and a new intra-continental trade pact, the countries of sub-Saharan African are fast rising in the global economic order. Their progress could be impeded, however, by unmanageable levels of debt. In the latest issue of World Finance magazine, Courtney Goldsmith takes a look into the Chinese loans that are currently supporting many Sub-Saharan nations, and the political preconditions attached to them.

Elsewhere in World Finance’s Summer 2019 edition, Sophie Perryer and Elizabeth Matsangou explore the starkly different economic fortunes of two South East Asian nations. In the 1990s, Malaysia was tipped to join the likes of Singapore and Taiwan in becoming a so-called Asian Tiger, but its progress was derailed by the Asian financial crisis, inequitable socioeconomic policies and widespread corruption. Now, Perryer writes, the country is back on its growth curve and vying for entry to the Tiger club once more.

Conversely, the picture is not so rosy for Indonesia. President Jokowi may have clinched a second term in the country’s spring elections, but his tenure has been riddled with broken promises and financial missteps. Matsangou explores the headwinds that threaten to derail the latter part of his premiership, from shady state-owned enterprises to a crisis in the nation’s infrastructure.

Uncertainty reigns, too, around the question of reunification for North and South Korea. Political accord is just one element of the debate, writes Barclay Ballard; aligning the two nations on an economic level is likely to prove equally challenging.

Elsewhere in the magazine, World Finance writers discuss the challenges facing the World Bank’s incumbent president, Europe’s overcrowded banking sector and a slowdown in the US firearms industry.

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