Streetwise Reports Publishes 'New Era for Ad-Tech Company as It Becomes Public and Grows Rapidly'

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SAN FRANCISCO, July 12, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Adcore Inc. (ADCO:TSX.V), which saw Q1 adjusted EBITDA increase 288% over the prior year, just announced landing a major client.

Company mentioned: Adcore Inc.

The Tel Aviv-based company with offices in Canada and Australia recently went public and trades on the TSX Venture Exchange has just landed as a client Australia and New Zealand's number one site for travel experiences, Experience Oz, with an online advertising budget of up to CAD$5 million per year.

Adcore has developed machine learning technologies that use artificial intelligence algorithms to automate online search and shopping advertising.

"In addition to our deep integration with Google Ads and Shopping," Adcore CEO Omri Brill said, "Adcore also works closely with Facebook, LinkedIn and others, empowering small and medium sized businesses to achieve enterprise level scale and ROI for the first time."

Adcore has set itself apart from others in the field. "The word on the street is that no one makes money in advertising technology," Brill stated. "But we have figured it out and are cash flow positive."

"The company has done well as a private company, but now that we are public, we have access to capital and better access to the North American market; it's a new era for the company. We expect a huge increase in growth over the course of the coming years," Brill explained. "Adcore has grown rapidly, is profitable and is tightly held."

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