Almost Never Films, Inc. Completes Production of Season Two of the Faith-Based TV Series “The Encounter”


LOS ANGELES, July 16, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Almost Never Films, Inc. (OTCMKTS: HLWD), a publicly traded independent film company based in Los Angeles, California, announces completion of production of season 2 of “The Encounter”.

Based on the popular movies, “The Encounter” is a faith-based TV series that follows individual life stories and illustrates how an unexpected experience with Jesus Christ can shift lives into a new and purposeful direction. The series was helmed by four talented directors, including Brent Ryan Green and Vance Null, both of whom were involved in the production of blockbuster faith-based films “God’s Not Dead” and “Do You Believe?”.

Pure Flix Entertainment is the distributor of “The Encounter”. Almost Never Films’ Chief Operating Officer Daniel Roth serves as lead producer of the second season of the TV series.

About Almost Never Films, Inc.

Almost Never Films (HLWD) is a publicly traded independent film company focused on film production, finance and production related services for movies under budgets of $35 million. Its business is to facilitate relationships between creative talent and companies who produce, finance and distribute motion pictures and television series. For more information, visit

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