EVO Banco wins the award for the Most Innovative Bank in Europe, 2019

LONDON, July 17, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- A new breed of financial institution is beginning to challenge the traditional banking industry with technological innovation and a customer-centric focus. Driving this change in Spain is the online bank EVO Banco.

In an exclusive interview with World Finance, Enrique Tellado, the company’s Managing Director, explained why EVO Banco looks nothing like a traditional bank: “Rather than being a bank that implements disruptive technologies, we consider ourselves to be a disruptive technology firm that happens to work in the banking sector.”

EVO Banco aims to carve out a new space in the industry, where the trust of the banking sector can be combined with the technological advances of the fintech sector.

This dedication to digital disruption led EVO Banco to win the award for the Most Innovative Bank in Europe in the 2019 World Finance Banking Awards.

"EVO Banco has quickly established itself as one of the most innovative financial institutions in Europe. By adopting an agile digital development strategy with customer service at its core, EVO have managed to incorporate a number of helpful tools utilising AI technology, resulting in a better overall user experience," said Jonathan Bentley at World Finance.

Just one way EVO Banco is transforming the customer experience is through EVO Assistant, the first ever ‘voice bank’ in Spanish. The virtual assistant is leaps and bounds ahead of the ordinary chatbots found at most financial institutions. Instead, EVO Assistant uses AI to allow customers to undertake standard banking activities through natural conversations.

Carlos Oliveira, Executive Customer Lab Director at EVO Banco, told World Finance in a video interview what continues to drive the bank forward: “[At] EVO, we have a vision of being useful for the customers. For us, it's an obsession."

Oliveira went on to talk about the digitisation journey being taken by the Spanish banking industry and how EVO Banco in particular is taking advantage of the latest innovations to benefit its customers.

To learn more about EVO Banco’s disruption of the Spanish banking sector, check out the latest edition of World Finance, out now.


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