KB Industries CEO Kevin Bagnall Featured in ENR's Top 25 Newsmaker Awards - Advanced the Industry

Tampa Bay, FL, July 17, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- via NEWMEDIAWIRE -- Atlantic Wind & Solar Inc. (OTC: AWSL) is pleased to announce Kevin Bagnall, President and CEO of Atlantic Wind & Solar and its wholly owned subsidiary KB Industries, was featured In ENR’s Top 25 Newsmaker Awards for Advancing the Industry.

Engineering News Record

Top 25 In News Makers excerpt, winners were described as, “Astute leaders. Risk takers. Clever problem solvers. Passionate community servants. The 2018 class of ENR Newsmakers embodies qualities that enable members to improve the construction industry and benefit the public. To identify the Top 25 Newsmakers, our editors combed through an entire year’s worth of ENR’s web, print and regional content to identify individuals who had served the best interests of the construction industry and their communities in 2018.”

Within the publication, Engineering News Record ‘ENR’ discussed KB Industries and its flagship product Flexi-Pave with particular attention on its Yellowstone National Park installation.   Discussed within, KBI’s proprietary technology used recycled tires and other materials that returns rain and snow to the water basin without leaching pollutants into the ground water.  The product is considered a solution to the world’s growing water crisis and being brought to the attention of Infrastructure engineers within the ‘storm water management’ arena.

About the Yellowstone National Park Installation

Addressing the decaying trail infrastructure, over 14,000 sq.ft. of Flexi-Pave® have been laid by KBI around Old Faithful. These rubber granules are produced under KBI’s proprietary technology using recycled tires and other materials that returns rain and snow to the water basin without leaching pollutants into the ground water.   By replacing the broken asphalt with flexible porous paving - Flexi-Pave, thus allowing a positive aquifer recharge that would ultimately provide water through the fragile eco-system to Yellowstone's Geysers. This also reduced the physical contamination of the broken asphalt entering the geysers.

Management would like to provide special thanks to Michelin tires (who donated about $300,000 worth of tires to Yellowstone for the installation.

Commenting on the news, Chairman, CEO of AWSL Kevin Bagnall stated, “We are delighted to be featured in such a prestigious publication and to have our Flexi-Pave solution acknowledged and praised by the industry as a timely and environmentally friendly solution to the increasing ‘Storm Water Management Needs’ caused by Urbanization Growth.”

A bright future for Flexi-Pave
Engineers are becoming more aware of the need to protect the environment, aware of the need to return clean non polluted water to the aquifer, as a result they are specifying Flexi-Pave to help remedy the environmental problems that are being caused by traditional road and walkway surfacing materials. Our Flexi-Pave can be seen at Arlington National Cemetery NASA and the Smithsonian Institute to name but a few. The product utilizes one of the world’s most environmentally unfriendly products, ‘used tires’, by converting them into a product that is beneficial to the environment. Our technology is reducing the amount of CO2 by as much as 36.96 lbs per one sq. ft of Flexi-Pave produced verses discharging the CO2 into the atmosphere when used tires are burnt in the production of cement.    Flexi-Pave is now a proprietary product being included in specifications by engineers internationally.

About ENR

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View the Top 25 Award at: https://www.enr.com/articles/46193-enrs-top-25-newmakers-of-2018-advanced-the-industry

About KB Industries Inc.
K.B. Industries, Inc. (KBI) created the world's first flexible porous paving in 2002 and offers a comprehensive suite of proven products and solutions to solve the toughest infrastructure challenges. From its category leading KBI Flexi-Pave to its newest innovations in water treatment and shoreline protection, KBI combines technology and experience to solve problems using innovative materials and designs.  The Company recreated and revolutionized the porous paving industry with the introduction of the original KBI Flexi-Pave. By combining recycled passenger tire rubber along with rock aggregate in a monolithic surface, KBI created a massively porous, but structural material that can be used for a variety of infrastructure applications to great success. KBI Flexi®-Pave has more than 18 years of proven testing and successful project installations across the globe.

Visit: www.kbius.com

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