TLGG Consulting and Civey Conduct Study on Digitalization in Germany

Survey results reveal a strong need for Germany to catch up digitally across sectors

NEW YORK, July 17, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- A new research study from TLGG Consulting, in partnership with research institute, Civey, has revealed that Germany is slower to adapt when it comes to digitalization. In many areas, digital solutions have not yet permeated into people’s everyday lives.

The survey polled around 5,000 Germans over the age of 18 on their use of and attitudes toward digital options, revealing gaps in Germany’s state of digitalization across sectors including healthcare, mobility, and government.  

For instance:

  • A total of 80.9% of those surveyed stated that they have never communicated with their physician, therapist, or pharmacist via email, messenger, or video telephone link. This figure was 84.9% in rural areas.
  • Despite new mobility and ride-sharing solutions, 76.6% of the population still believe that owning a car is absolutely necessary. In rural areas, the figure was 89%. For most people, environmental protection does not play a decisive role in this choice.
  • A total of 42.2% of those surveyed stated that they are “less satisfied” or “not at all satisfied” with the online options offered by their cities. Up until now, 17.5% have not made any use of digital access to authorities, with a figure of 19.1% in rural areas.

“Frequently, municipal governments lack the personnel, the financial wherewithal, and the methodological know-how to expand digital measures,” said Lucas Gerrits, Consultant at TLGG Consulting. “Citizens ask themselves, quite rightly so, why it takes only six hours for their Amazon packages to arrive, yet they still have to wait weeks on end for appointments and for paper-based documentation.”

In regards to healthcare, “Many doctors simply lack knowledge of how to implement digital services,” said Matthias Mirbeth, Consultant at TLGG Consulting. “In this respect, today’s physicians have long been part of a new ecosystem, with sophisticated patients and digital solutions. Yet up to now, there has been too little thought given in Germany to specific options and applications that would prove to be beneficial to patients. The pressure is obviously not great enough.”

To advance digitalization in Germany, a new culture and the necessary structures must be put in place. Moreover, advancement and change can only occur with participation from all citizens, in conjunction with local governments, for the betterment of the nation’s economy.

Press Contact:    Sara Vinson
     DiGennaro Communications

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