Outsell’s New Mileage Estimator Predictive Model Helps Dealers More Accurately Target Consumers in their Customer Journey

Predictive analytics help dealers determine which communications consumers should receive, tailor dynamic content, and serve up timely and relevant on-demand campaigns

MINNEAPOLIS, July 22, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Outsell, which offers the first AI-driven marketing automation platform for the automotive industry, announced today that it has added a new Mileage Estimator predictive model to the Outsell platform. The Mileage Estimator allows dealers to better predict what consumers might need so they can provide timely automotive service and vehicle offers and provide a better customer experience.

Vehicle mileage is an important data point for helping dealers pinpoint where consumers are in their automotive lifecycle.  Most dealerships however either don’t have access to the data for vehicles they don’t service, don’t regularly collect mileage when they do service it, or may not have the expertise to analyze the data they have. That leaves a data gap – one that’s now filled by Outsell’s new Mileage Estimator model, which establishes mileage patterns for every make and model and combines them with unique data it has for each consumer to more accurately calculate current mileage for a vehicle identification number (VIN).

“Enhancing our models and implementing the Mileage Estimator has had a major impact on the platform,” said Litded Davis, Vice President of Product and Program Management at Outsell. “We’re able to fill in missing information for dealers and consumers to better predict their service and vehicle needs. This helps the dealer drives sales zeroing in on the right consumer, which results in higher engagement for a happier and more loyal customer.”

Davis said that before adding Outsell’s Mileage Estimator, most dealers see between 60-70 percent of their database records unassigned to a consumer lifecycle stage. After adding Mileage Estimator, that typically drops to 30-35 percent, meaning hundreds or thousands of additional consumers are now eligible for communications across channels relevant to their individual lifecycle stage, personalized for them.

Other new Outsell enhancements include Single Sign On (SSO) for security and a better user experience, and a lapsed servicer preset filter to help dealers quickly identify consumer and vehicle information (including number of visits and VINs) and then easily download a quick call list that staff can use to drive visits to their service departments. 

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