Newchip Accelerator Launches New Pre-Seed Cohort in July 2019

30 New Startups Join Newchip’s Global Online Pre-Seed Accelerator Program

Austin, Texas, UNITED STATES

Austin, TX, July 23, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Newchip, an Austin-based web and mobile investment platform that connects startups to investors, is excited to announce the launch of its July Pre-Seed Accelerator cohort, which includes 30 new startups from around the world. The startups range in industry focus from consumer goods and services to high tech solutions, including artificial intelligence (AI) systems, augmented reality (AR), social impact software, agriculture tech, garage doors, push carts, pet sitting, HR tools, and much more. 

“The entrepreneur community that Newchip serves has expanded at an astonishing rate,” said Ryan Rafols, CEO of Newchip. “At the core of this growth is our Pre-Seed Accelerator program, which is helping entrepreneurs who have already validated their startup idea with a clear target market and a developed prototype to optimize their business into one that is scalable, efficient, and ready for pre-seed investment by friends, family, Angels, and crowd investors.”

Newchip launched its inaugural online accelerator program back in April 2019 with the mission of preparing its participants to launch, scale, and fund their startups. Founders in the inaugural cohort graduated at the end of June 2019 in Newchip’s Investor Startup Showcase, a multi-day, online event for participating startups in the Accelerator program to pitch their companies to prospective investors around the world. 

“The pool of candidates for the Newchip Pre-Seed Accelerator has become so much more competitive over the past months. As companies from our initial cohorts finish the Pre-Seed program and go off to scale their business to the next level, we’re left with a legacy of genuine commitment to helping entrepreneurs as well as a growing community of alumni around the world,” said Joshua Lawton, Accelerator Director of Newchip. “We created the Pre-Seed Accelerator program as a valuable avenue through which startups, anywhere in the world, can take their early-stage business to the next level in order to raise capital - and it’s working!”

Companies participating in the July 2019 Newchip Pre-Seed Accelerator include:

  • AgriLedger (England, UK): AgriLedger is a social enterprise project using distributed ledger technology and mobile apps for agricultural producers.
  • LocalDawgs (Oregon, USA): LocalDawgs is a mobile app that connects local pet owners with each other to exchange pet sitting instead of money - the pet owners are the pet sitters.
  • BelBoy (Georgia, USA): BelBoy is helping people find skilled neighbors to help with any odd job.
  • Gypsee (California, USA): Gypsee makes travel with friends easy through a trip coordination app that handles logistics, arranges flights, collects payments, picks hotels, and selects activities.
  • Alchemy Beverages (California, USA): Alchemy Beverages and its Clarification Technology (CT) is disrupting the spirits business by changing the way alcohol is produced and consumed across the $500 billion spirits business.
  • (Indiana, USA): is a SaaS platform for companies to create, maintain and track their social impact in new innovate ways.
  • D-Vision Systems (New York, USA): D-Vision Systems designs and develops three-dimensional computerized vision systems, providing vision-science solutions for civil and defense applications.
  • CaraFan (Texas, USA): CaraFan is an event-oriented transportation company focused on transporting people to and from events.
  • MechDirect (Lagos, Nigeria): MechDirect is an on-demand auto repair service app that has brought revolution to the automotive industry in Nigeria. 
  • GarageSkins (Oregon, USA): GarageSkins real wood garage door overlays are a simple, elegant solution to a long-standing problem:  How to make a plain metal garage door look amazing without breaking the bank.
  • MyBaby’sFamily (Indiana, USA): MyBaby’sFamily is on a mission to help expectant parents find a safe and loving family for their child, starting with their own.
  • DapIt App (California, USA): DapIt makes it easy for local businesses to harness the marketing power of virtual gift cards.
  • SmartProfyl (Texas, USA): SmartProfyl is a career transition platform with a roadmap that actually promotes learning, visibility and exposure through a smart AI-enabled marketplace that autonomously scans and connects candidates with work opportunities. 
  • Walker Trolleys (Texas, USA): Walker Trolleys was founded to bring a new type of push cart to the market, one based on design: minimalistic and intuitive. 
  • (California, USA): Divercity is a solution for diversity and inclusion hiring and a community hub for women and minorities.
  • Plutus Planning (Pennsylvania, USA): Plutus Planning is geared towards helping students pay off their student loans efficiently to ensure future financial freedom.
  • Honeycomb App (California, USA): Honeycomb is a two-sided app where companies can connect with users via A/B tests and 1-on-1 chats to gather feedback and opinions. 
  • (Texas, USA): Biztrack is on a mission to reduce the overall amount of failed business ventures by providing step-by-step guided instructions plus helpful information, estimated costs, resources, tools and recommended business partners to help entrepreneurs succeed.
  • E-Z Bootie (California, USA): E-Z Bootie is creating a disposable, specialized boot for a specific medical application with horses.
  • Go Africa (New York, USA): Go Africa is building a dynamic commodities trading portal specialized in commodities and products from Africa. 
  • JUMPPapp (California, USA): JUMPPapp is an automatic software that generates new customers and sales for any business, anywhere in the world, through an organic PPC algorithm. 
  • Aputomics & Kiuws (Delhi, India): Kiuws creates and develops Artificial General Intelligence companies, accelerators and VCs Aputomics helps clients grow with the help of AI. 
  • Virifi AR (Maryland, USA): Virifi AR is developing a simplified, user-friendly browser interface for the augmented reality (AR) cloud and current universe of emerging AR applications.
  • Vocalize This (New Jersey, USA): Vocalize This is changing the marketing landscape through its online wormhole, which allows companies to create shortcuts for your users to bypass searching. 
  • Empowering the Patient (Texas, USA): Empowering The Patient is piecing together the healthcare puzzle by educating patients so they know that when they receive a bill or statement, they understand what is being charged and whether or not those charges are accurate.
  • TrainerMade (Texas, USA): TrainerMade is an online platform where personal trainers create custom workouts for their clients, the clients access these workouts using a mobile app and perform them at their own time and place. 
  • ACTS Acquisitions (Pennsylvania, USA): ACTS Acquisitions is a real estate website portal that specializes in wholesaling, commercial and residential real estate, and leverages the latest technologies, including 3D imaging, videography, and photography.
  • Thruck (Texas, USA): Thruck is a long-distance rideshare solution using empty commercial truck seats.
  • 2GO Campus Delivery (Massachusetts, USA): 2GO Campus Delivery provides a reliable, convenient delivery service at a variety of price-points on campuses around the world.
  • Hagl (Washington DC, USA)

Newchip’s Accelerator is revolutionizing the global startup accelerator and fundraising industry by democratizing capital and bringing access to companies outside of major startup hubs. Its programs, including its Seed, Pre-Seed, and Bootcamp, accept new applicants on a rolling basis, graduating more companies than a typical accelerator due to its equity-free and tuition-based nature. 

About Newchip Accelerator:
The Newchip Accelerator is an immersive, equity-free, online accelerator program for Early Stage to Series A startups serious about scaling their businesses to the next level. Participants engage in a comprehensive curriculum of training, 1-1 mentor sessions, Masterminds, and live classes to prepare them to raise investment capital from Angels, VC’s, and the crowd. Three components comprise the Newchip Accelerator: Bootcamp, Pre-Seed, and Seed. Startups apply and are accepted into an appropriate Accelerator program based on the stage, traction, and trajectory of their business.

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