Ondas Networks and Altaeros to Provide Wide-Area Aerostat Network for Mission-Critical IoT 

Altaeros and Ondas successfully demonstrate tower network alternative using Ondas’ FullMAX technology on Altaeros’ ST200 SuperTower

SUNNYVALE, Calif., July 29, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Ondas Holdings Inc. (OTCQB: ONDS), through its wholly owned subsidiary, Ondas Networks Inc., a developer of private licensed wireless data networks for mission-critical industrial markets, today announced that it has successfully completed wireless network testing with Massachusetts-based communications infrastructure provider, Altaeros. Using Altaeros’ SuperTower aerial cell tower and Ondas Networks’ FullMAX technology, the companies established long range, high quality service over large geographic areas, providing a rapidly deployable and more reliable wireless network alternative to traditional tower assets.

Altaeros’ SuperTower uses a proven, tethered aerostat platform, combined with innovative automation and control software, to deploy radios and antennas over four times higher than traditional cell towers which allows network providers to efficiently cover substantially more area than traditional towers. The Aerostat network was tested using 700 MHz licensed radio frequencies and Ondas Networks’ IEEE 802.16s-compatible Software Defined Radio (SDR) platform, FullMAX. During testing, users were able to connect to the network at distances substantially greater than typical cell coverage, even across rugged New England terrain.

The ST200 is Altaeros’ largest and most capable autonomous aerostat platform to date. Building upon prior versions, proprietary automation and control software keep the aerial cell tower in place during changing weather and environmental conditions, ensuring a stable platform for the telecommunication equipment. Multiple tethers connect the aerostat to the ground and transmit power and data to the airborne equipment, which is key to increasing capacity more than all other aerial communication systems. 

“The team at Altaeros could not have made this effort any easier; their level of professionalism and focus on safety exemplifies what it takes to bring new technology to market,” said Suresh Palliparambil, Chief Revenue Officer of Ondas Networks. “We are proud to be able to offer a new set of network solutions to industrial markets. Mission-critical efforts that rely on long-range connectivity over diverse terrain, such as border protection with virtual walls, wireless perimeter security and other similar applications, will have a means to connect MC IoT devices, such as sensors and controls, all while using less infrastructure.”

“We are excited to partner with Ondas to expand commercial access to IoT,” said Joe Ryan, VP of Business Development at Altaeros. “Altaeros is eager to begin deploying SuperTower based networks to meet the global demand for connectivity in both dense and remote locations. Ondas’ ability to provide highly reliable and extremely secure long-range wireless connectivity using fewer radios makes them the ideal partner to make these SuperTower networks a reality.”

About Ondas Holdings Inc: Ondas Holdings Inc., through its wholly owned subsidiary, Ondas Networks Inc., is a developer of private licensed wireless data networks for mission-critical industrial markets. The Company designs and manufactures its multi-patented, Software Defined Radio (SDR) platform for Mission Critical IoT (MC-IoT) applications. Ondas Networks’ customer end markets include utilities, oil and gas, transportation, and government entities whose demands span a wide range of mission critical applications that require secure communications over large and diverse geographical areas, many of which are within challenging radio frequency environments. Customers use the Company’s SDR technology to deploy their own private licensed broadband wireless networks. The Company also offers mission-critical entities the option of a managed network service. Ondas Networks’ SDR technology supports IEEE 802.16s, the new worldwide standard for private licensed wide area industrial networks. For additional information, visit www.ondas.com, www.otcmarkets.com or follow Ondas Networks on Twitter and LinkedIn.

About Altaeros: Altaeros believes that everyone should have access to the same basic building blocks for a productive, fulfilling life, whether they live in a megacity or in a rural village. We also believe in the power of innovation to make this a reality. Founded at MIT in 2010, Altaeros is focused on developing and deploying innovative real-world infrastructure solutions. Altaeros’ first product, the SuperTower, uses the world’s first autonomous aerostat platform to permanently deploy high-speed mobile broadband and mission critical IoT in rural markets at a fraction of the cost of alternatives. Altaeros is headquartered in Somerville, MA and is backed by Softbank, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, the Suhail Bahwan Group, Ratan N. Tata and others. Learn more at www.altaeros.com or follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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