Guardian Capital Subsidiary GuardCap Asset Management Selected as 2019 Best Fund Manager in UK Awards

Toronto, Ontario, CANADA

TORONTO, July 29, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Guardian Capital Group Limited (“Guardian”) (TSX:GCG) (TSX:GCG.A) today announced that GuardCap Asset Management (“GuardCap”), a wholly-owned, indirect subsidiary based in London, England and manager of the Guardian Fundamental Global Equity Strategy in Canada, was awarded Best Fund Manager in the global equity category of Citywire’s 2019 UK Fund Manager Awards recognizing those fund managers with the highest risk-adjusted returns over three years. GuardCap is a specialist investment company that is focused on managing concentrated, bottom-up strategies on an “index-agnostic” basis. Investment managers Michael Boyd and Giles Warren were selected from a group of nominees who are highly respected, leading fund managers representing the very best in the industry.

“We are honoured to be recognized by Citywire for the GuardCap team’s achievement and to be acknowledged by our peers for our distinctive global investment strategy,” said Robin Lacey, Head of Institutional Asset Management, Guardian Capital Group. “This award truly validates the excellent work of the GuardCap Global Equity Team and this singular approach to equity investment, one that is built on a steadfast philosophy of quality growth investing. The team applies this philosophy through an approach that has been refined with time and experience, and which today manifests over twenty years of incremental process enhancements. Long-term thinking has always driven the strategy, avoiding the ‘noise’ of market short-termism to create a sustained source of alpha that is highly prized by our investment clients.”

The Guardian Fundamental Global Equity Strategy is a concentrated, long-only strategy that invests in 20-25 high-quality, sustainable growth companies that meet a stringent set of 10 stock selection criteria before being subjected to deeply immersive proprietary research by the team. The selected companies are leaders or near-leaders in long-term secular growth industries, are well-established, well-managed businesses with excellent balance sheets and have world-class standards of corporate governance. The strategy also includes a rigorous long-term valuation methodology to determine whether these companies have become overvalued either in relation to their long-term future cash flows or in relation to long-term average valuation multiples.

The strategy’s focus on high-quality growth stocks typically has driven long-term returns that are significantly better than the MSCI World Index, while providing downside protection in falling markets.

Fundamental Global Equity is one of a suite of investment strategies pioneered by Guardian that collect under the TrueSight Investing™ banner. These higher conviction, concentrated strategies are available for investment in global developed and emerging markets, as well as in Canadian and US equities. Built on decades of investing experience, all TrueSight Investing™ strategies reflect a philosophy of quality growth investing, and evidence high active share and long holding periods.

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Guardian Capital Group Limited is a diversified financial services company founded in 1962. Guardian provides institutional and private wealth investment management services; provides financial services to international investors; provides services to financial advisors in its national mutual fund dealer, securities dealer, and insurance distribution network; and maintains and manages a proprietary investment portfolio. Its Common and Class A shares are listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange. To learn more about Guardian, visit

About GuardCap Asset Management Limited
GuardCap Asset Management Limited, a wholly-owned, indirect subsidiary of Guardian Capital Group Limited, is a specialist investment company based in London, England. It is solely focused on managing concentrated, bottom-up strategies constructed on an “index-agnostic” basis for institutional investors. Its strategies are: global equities and global emerging markets. To learn more about GuardCap, visit

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