Business Destinations explores overtourism solutions, Peru’s Machu Picchu paradox and the complexities of Tibetan tourism in its latest issue

LONDON, July 31, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- All around the world, popular destinations are struggling under the weight of the explosive growth of the global tourism industry. In 2018, 1.4 billion international arrivals were recorded – a milestone that was achieved two years earlier than expected due to the rapid development and democratisation of travel.

In the autumn issue of Business Destinations magazine, Courtney Goldsmith explores one way cities are looking to curb unmanageable growth: taxes. Tourist taxes are tools that many cities are using to generate vital funds for tourism infrastructure and resources. As visitor numbers continue to grow, experts predict the number of cities implementing tourist taxes will rise. But taxes are just a stepping-stone to the more holistic change of mindset that is needed.

Peru is dealing with a similar tourism conundrum, as Elizabeth Matsangou writes. The country relies heavily on the allure of Machu Picchu to draw visitors from around the world, but the ancient ruins are suffering irreparable damage due to rising tourist numbers. While the country has an abundance of alternative attractions that it could promote in order to balance the scales, essential investments must be made in the country’s infrastructure to make this possibility a reality.

Elsewhere in the magazine, Hanna Lee, International PR Manager at Seoul Convention Bureau, describes the transformation of South Korea’s capital city into one of the world’s top MICE destinations, and Sophie Perryer investigates the complicated struggle over Tibet’s tourism industry.

Other features include a look at the legacy of Graham Greene, a prolific writer whose life was brimming with travel, adventure, danger and intrigue; an exclusive interview with cave diver Jill Heinerth; and a closer look at the hardships faced by South American coffee growers.

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