Datarisk Canada Launches First Website Firewall with Automatic Malware Removal and Privacy Compliance

Transparent Website Firewall (TWF) Helps Canadian Businesses and Associations to Effortlessly Secure Data and Protect Customers amid Increases in Reported Data Breaches

TORONTO, July 31, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Recent data breaches at Desjardins, Equifax and now Capital One have reached an unprecedented total of almost 9 million individual records in Canada, eroding public trust in corporate brands and raising concerns about the business challenges of protecting data from loss, theft and hacking. Datarisk has today introduced the first Transparent Website Firewall (TWF) to protect against the top threats targeting corporate websites: formjacking, cryptojacking, cloud security vulnerabilities and website defacement.

According to the Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA), 88% of respondents are concerned with future cyberattacks and a surprising 37% use no anti-malware protection at all. While 59% say they store personal information from customers, Datarisk has found that fewer than 8% employ a Web Application Firewall to protect their websites, Internet-connected databases and online applications. The recent Capital One data breach that compromised the personal information of 6 million Canadians was enabled by an improperly configured firewall.

Datarisk President Claudiu Popa is a respected cybersecurity expert, author and data protection advocate: “from simple company websites being hijacked, all the way to online voting systems, the use of intelligent Web application firewalls is no longer optional. The Datarisk Transparent Website Firewall is an affordable turnkey solution that should be used by all Canadian businesses regardless of size or industry sector to prevent even simple websites from being infected, hijacked or otherwise used as a jump-off point for illegal activity”.

The Datarisk Transparent Website Firewall (TWF) features a rich feature set and easy-to-use, OneTimeConfig™, fire-and-forget set-up. Datarisk has partnered with Comodo Security to integrate 3 intelligent features:

  1. disInfect™: automatic website malware removal and disinfection
  2. autoScan™: continuous vulnerability scanning and PCI-DSS compliance assurance
  3. autoBlock™: effortless blocking and filtering of malicious website traffic

Datarisk Canada has identified 100 professional associations whose members qualify for priority access to the Transparent Website Firewall. These include local and provincial Chambers of Commerce, Boards of Trade and any trade association with over 500 members. Datarisk Cyber Benefits are integrated within membership packages to offer members security and education services throughout the year. Apply at

Qualifying organizations are invited to contact All members of professional associations receive a free SSL certificate for their website in addition to free installation.

About the Company:

Datarisk Canada is a turnkey security service provider with a 30-year pedigree in security and privacy. Datarisk is a wholly owned subsidiary of Informatica Corporation (, Canada’s leading provider of standardized risk assessments, privacy compliance analysis (PIA) and security pentesting. Register at or email for more information.

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