468 Telehealth Tech Solutions In The Health & Human Service Market: An OPEN MINDS Analysis

Gettysburg, Pa, July 31, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- In a recent nationwide analysis of available technology products, it was found that 468 out of the 2,823 products reviewed served the functionality of telehealth. The focus of telehealth technology products varies by market, but final reports observed that 57% of telehealth products served the mental health services market. The breakdown of products available to each market are: 

  • Market: Juvenile Justice   50
  • Market: Payers-Health Plans-Care Managers       54
  • Market: Adult Corrections Health Care   56
  • Market: Autism & I/DD Services    84
  • Market: Children & Family Services          95
  • Market: Social Services (including Homeless)       104
  • Market: Addiction     113
  • Market: Retail Clinics & Urgent Care  123
  • Market: LTSS   127
  • Market: Non-hospital based Specialty Care  139
  • Market: Resid & Hospital-Based Acute Care   147
  • Market: Chronic Care Mgmt   172
  • Market: Primary Care     246
  • Market: Mental Health  267
  • Total Products within Service Line   458

“Telehealth is proving itself as a powerful cost-reduction tool but figuring out how it can replace other more expensive options is key,” said chief executive officer, Monica E. Oss. “The first step for any executive or organization looking to pursue telehealth is to make sure they have a stable, user/operator friendly platform in place. HealthTechNavigator.org will make that search much easier.”

Telehealth technology products are defined as: Software, apps, connectivity tools, and integrated systems for: Telepsychiatry, telehealth, telepharmacy, and telerehabilitation. With continued development of technology and stable, accessible internet and phone connection services, the ability to reach rural and non-mobile consumers has never been easier. In response to this, many providers are putting telehealth service lines and centers into action in order to lower costs in areas such as transportation and readmission. To provide this service, organizations have a priority need for stable, easy-to-use and easy-to-operate software to provide their service.

The list of telehealth technology products available to the health and human service field are available from HealthTechNavigator, at HealthTechNavigator.org. HealthTechNavigator.org is a single source of technology products serving the health and human service field. The online directory is available at no charge to users, and listings are free for technology organizations with products in the field. The site has a database of 2,786 health and human service technology offerings from nearly 1,000 technology companies. If your product is not featured, or you have a listing and would like to enhance it, contact OPEN MINDS at Contact@HealthTechNavigator.org, or call us at 877-350-6463.


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