Earth Gen-BioFuel Inc Appoints Industry Veteran Brent Roush as General Manager of its International Housing Concepts Subsidiary.

Las Vegas, NV, Aug. 01, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Earth Gen-BioFuel Inc.(OTC:EGBB), “EarthGen” or “the Company” announces the appointment of Brent Roush as General Manager of its International Housing Concepts manufacturing and sales subsidiary.

Mr. Roush is responsible for designing and implementing the International Housing Concepts market strategy, and collaborating with our innovation group to bring the next generation of park model system built homes to the market. Mr. Roush brings over 24 years of industry experience to the company which includes 15 years as a senior sales and marketing executive at two of the largest manufactured housing companies in the United States. In his career Mr. Roush previously held positions at Santiam homes, Clayton Homes, and the Clayton division of Karsten Homes focusing on manufactured and modular homes.

In addition, prior to joining EarthGen Mr. Roush was territory sales manager at Cavco Industries, one of the industry’s largest companies with over $880 million in annual sales of various types of manufactured housing product lines. During his nine year career at Cavco he was responsible for marketing and management of multi-million dollar sales transactions, tactical market research, new product development, new product launches and the development of growth strategies for the company.

Mr. Robert Hayes, President & CEO stated, “We are pleased to welcome Mr. Roush to our management team. His industry experience and hands on operational background along with years of sales and marketing management, will be valuable to our company as we expand our operations over the coming months.”

Our sales and marketing team also includes Tiny Homes USA LLC, which is exclusively promoting EarthGen’s products in the New England states and is assisting EarthGen with promotional activities and brand development. Tiny Homes USA is proceeding to introduce EarthGen’s housing units to developers of resort communities along New England’s shore line and ski resorts as well as working with developers of retirement centers, medical rehabilitation centers, and veteran housing communities.

In addition to sales staff on the West Coast and New England, Earth Gen has developed marketing and sales support for our products with dedicated sales staff in South Florida and Texas who are exclusively representing our complete line products with individual home buyers, community developers, and municipalities to address the demand for affordable housing units.

About Earth Gen-BioFuel Inc.

EarthGen’s homes blend proven features from all categories of home construction with innovative materials and electromechanical systems to deliver the highest quality functional living environments for our home buyers. EarthGen is focused on home units of 800 sq. ft. or less of living space. A modular approach to construction and product finishing is designed to make maximum use of our production facilities, efficiently supporting the demand and scalability of operations for our products. EarthGen operates through wholly-owned subsidiaries aligned to individual product categories, each benefiting from centralized business development and engineering services. Earth Gen-Biofuel Inc. is basing its manufacturing facilities in the U.S. with the goal of delivering high quality low cost dwelling units that employ technology that works for owners of our homes and meets the requirements of sustainability for our environment and the locations where our homes form new communities.

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