Safer Sleep: Seventh Generation Aims to Replace All Toxic Nap Mats in State of Vermont

Nap Mat Exchange Program for Vermont Childcare Centers Opens Enrollment

BURLINGTON, Vt., Aug. 01, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Today, Seventh Generation, a leading household and personal care products company and pioneer in the environmentally conscious products space, announces its goal to replace every single toxic nap mat in childcare centers throughout the state of Vermont over the next five years.

There are approximately 15,000 children ages 2-5 in early childhood education environments such as preschool and daycare in Vermont. These young children, who breathe more air, drink more water, and eat more food pound for pound than adults do, are more susceptible to chemical toxins. To create a peaceful and healthy nap time for all Vermont children in daycare, the company aims to reach the goal of 15,000 mats in 5 years.

Conventional nap mats found in daycare and preschool facilities can be one of the most toxic children's items. According to a recent study by Indiana University and Toxic-Free Future, the immediate impact of their removal can significantly lessen a child's vulnerability to flame retardants and chemicals linked with cancer, obesity, and nervous system harm. While childcare centers want to create healthy and safe environments for the children they serve, often it’s difficult to secure funding to replace still functional items like existing nap mats.

The Seventh Generation Foundation introduced the Nap Mat Exchange Program in 2018. In its inaugural year the program received applications from every county in the state and replaced more than 800 nap mat at 113 different center with a non-toxic alternative.

“We’re proud to be able to do something to create a healthier environment for all young Vermonters in childcare,” said Tomlynn Biondo, who chairs the Seventh Generation program. “We hope to inspire other states and organizations to take similar action. It’s time to pull of these toxic nap mats to bed.”

The application for the 2019 round of funding opens August 1, 2019. To learn more and apply, visit:

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