Victoria ISD Celebrates ‘Super’ 1-Year Anniversary with Cost-Saving Energy Contract

‘Future Looks Bright’ as Community Involvement and Expert Energy Advisory Net Texas School District More Dollars for Learning

VICTORIA, Texas, Aug. 06, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- QuotEnergy, LLC, a leading energy procurement firm and licensed aggregator, announced today that it has teamed again with Victoria Independent School District on a long-term energy contract that has uncovered more than $340,000 in additional savings – despite rising markets – to help meet the District’s strategic educational priorities. 

The new electricity contract caps a transformative first year for Dr. Quintin Shepherd, Superintendent, who has led Victoria ISD in a continuous improvement process marked by strong community participation, radical transparency, and a collective dedication to solving problems together – as evidenced by community-led task forces involving over 150 members of the public.

“Something great is happening here in Victoria, and that’s the emergence of ‘people power,’” said Superintendent Shepherd. “Our citizenry is actively engaged in working with us to identify and prioritize matters that affect our kids’ and school system’s future, and then we work together with the right partners to execute the game plan and optimize the outcome. One key partner for us in this regard is QuotEnergy, which again and again has demonstrated it ‘has our back’ in all matters energy related.”

Added Glencora Ore, President of QuotEnergy, “It’s exciting to work with a school district that is so passionate about energy savings, seeing it as a key lever in an overall strategy that benefits both the District and its students. Superintendent Dr. Shepherd and the community of Victoria are setting a tone for greatness that extends far beyond energy transactions – they are living proof of what is possible when people come together to do what is in the best interest of their community and school district.”

QuotEnergy has worked with the District for several years, delivering millions of dollars in energy cost savings over the course of successive contracts. Despite current market dynamics driving up energy prices, QuotEnergy has continued to find ways to lock in additional savings – from lowering demand charges and negotiating long-term energy contracts with senior decision makers at top energy suppliers to increasing the District’s use of renewables and making its campuses more energy efficient.

Concluded Superintendent Dr. Shepherd, “It’s the little things that matter in a relationship. Glencora and her team at QuotEnergy are always looking out for our best interests, constantly coming to us with proactive suggestions that can help us save more money. At Victoria ISD, we appreciate that kind of dedication, because when we save on energy, we have more to invest in our kids and their futures.”

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