Nativo Earns TAG Certified Against Fraud Seal from the Trustworthy Accountability Group

LOS ANGELES, Aug. 13, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Nativo, the leading technology platform for brand content advertising, today announced that it had been awarded the TAG Certified Against Fraud Seal by the Trustworthy Accountability Group (TAG). The certification highlights Nativo’s long-time commitment to brand safety and full transparency.

"We are pleased to recognize Nativo’s efforts to create a safe ecosystem and the high standards it has set for fighting fraud through this recognition with the TAG Certified Against Fraud Seal," said Mike Zaneis, CEO at Trustworthy Accountability Group. "The industry must continue to work together to prevent criminals from profiting from fraud and lack of transparency, and we look forward to working with Nativo to further raise the industry’s standards.”

TAG launched its Certified Against Fraud Program in 2016 to combat invalid traffic in the digital advertising supply chain. Companies in compliance with the program’s rigorous requirements are awarded the TAG Certified Against Fraud Seal to demonstrate their commitment to combating fraud. The TAG Certified Against Fraud Program works to prevent fraudulent online traffic by setting high standards for all companies involved in digital advertising and providing a suite of anti-fraud tools to aid in compliance.

"We are committed to delivering the highest quality solutions to our customers. Ensuring brand-safe environments as well as viewable, fraud-free media fulfillment for advertisers, and enabling publishers to merchandise the same competencies through our platform are part of our DNA," said Chris Rooke, SVP of Strategy for Nativo. “We view our latest independent certification for TAG as doing our part to reinforce and advance the integrity of our industry as a whole."

Nativo is recognized as a leader in brand safety with its early adoption of ads.txt, the IAB Tech Lab's technical solution for publicly declaring companies authorized to sell digital inventory. This approach combats unauthorized and spoofed impressions across the platform. Implementing multiple processes and technologies, both proprietary solutions and third-party technology partners, to combat fraud and other bad actor practices are all part of Nativo’s continued contribution toward creating a trusted ecosystem. To learn more about Nativo’s multi-pronged protocol to maintain a brand-safe platform, please visit

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Nikki Reyes
WIT Strategy for Nativo