Bento for Business: Sending Payments to an Email Address

Expense management platform uses Dwolla API integration to offer paperless payments with Bento Pay, removing the guesswork for businesses, their employees and vendors.

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Des Moines, Iowa, Aug. 13, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Leading expense management provider Bento for Business announced the launch of its new product Bento Pay, which enables business owners to make and receive payments with a simple email address. Bento Pay allows the receiver to input their banking credentials and accept funds in seconds, avoiding the hassle of paper checks. Users can quickly connect an email address to a valid bank account and routing information for Bento Pay to efficiently deposit the payment into the specified bank account. 

Founded in 2014, Bento for Business provides spending and expense management solutions for small and mid-sized businesses to provide employers with better control and visibility of employee spending. Bento for Business is dedicated to modernizing the way small and mid-size businesses manage and unlock value from their working capital. Bento is the partner of choice for businesses that want a modular financial operating platform for their cash flow and financial management needs. Bento’s strategic partners expand to the banks, payment networks and processors that want to provide digital treasury management and business banking suite options for their customers. Bento has chosen to partner with Dwolla for its fast, secure ACH payments.

Bento’s first product, the prepaid debit card, was followed by the release of their financial operating platform which offered deep spending controls via a centralized debit card system. Now, with the launch of Bento Pay, Bento customers have the option to receive payment through a virtual card or by an ACH payment using their email.

Bento for Business VP of Product, Jeff Pomeroy says Bento Pay will disrupt an industry that has long relied on paper checks and time-consuming processes to make or receive payments.

“We're excited to partner with Dwolla to launch Bento Pay, and enable our customers to quickly and safely send payments using just an email address. As a result of integrating Dwolla’s ACH payment API, this new product saves businesses valuable time typically consumed by writing checks or making payments by other means,” says Pomeroy. “Our current customers have already gravitated to this new payment method, and adoption has been swift as Bento Pay is recognized as a mechanism for operational agility.”

Dwolla, Inc. is a financial technology company that offers businesses an onramp to the Automated Clearing House Network, the electronic funds-transfer system used by U.S. financial institutions that moves $51 trillion annually.

When searching for their ideal payment solution, Bento for Business chose Dwolla’s ACH payment API to allow users to easily connect a bank account and transfer funds from that account to a Bento account, all while being Bento branded. As it becomes apparent that writing and accepting paper checks is an inefficient process, Bento enables businesses to remain efficient when dealing with payments.

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About Bento for Business

Bento for Business offers a complete B2B payments solution that helps SMBs gain full control and visibility over their cash on one platform. Bento’s mission is to provide SMBs with a powerful financial operating platform to enable them to empower their employees and create value for their customers. With Bento for Business, companies receive unprecedented control and visibility over their expenses, mitigating fraud and administrative overhead.

About Dwolla

Dwolla, Inc. is a financial technology company that is changing the way businesses send and receive funds. The company offers a seamless, white-label API platform to connect to the ACH Network to initiate payments.

Since 2008, when Dwolla began creating the ideal platform to move money, the company has helped move billions of dollars for millions of end users annually for businesses of all shapes and sizes; in addition, Dwolla has been mentioned in Inc., Forbes and the Wall Street Journal. Businesses that need to efficiently send or receive money and are ready for the future either use Dwolla—or they should. Learn more at



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