All About Cats Veterinary Hospital Offers Ultrasound Imaging Services in Las Vegas


LAS VEGAS, Aug. 19, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- A cats-only veterinary clinic based in Las Vegas, Nevada wants area cat owners to know about its ultrasound imaging services. All About Cats Veterinary Hospital, located at 4370 South Durango Drive, provides this technique to help diagnose and monitor a number of conditions, according to Dr. Terri Koppe, a veterinarian at the clinic. "Ultrasound is a powerful, versatile, and harmless diagnostic method that can really help us take care of Las Vegas cats as effectively as possible," she says.

Ultrasound has long been utilized in the veterinary community (as well as human medical care) for viewing internal conditions or problems that might otherwise be hard to detect. In this technique, sound waves emanate from a handheld emitter into the pet's body. Depending on the density of the structures within, the sound waves are reflected back to the device, where they are interpreted as shades of gray. The images are viewed on a video monitor and often recorded in a video format, although they may also be preserved as still images.

Dr. Koppe points out that ultrasound has some distinct advantages over its older diagnostic imaging alternative, radiography (X-rays). "X-rays do an excellent job of depicting the difference between very hard and very soft surfaces, such as the contrast between bones or teeth and surrounding soft tissues. But it isn't as good as showing fine gradations in soft tissues or internal fluids. Ultrasound can give us a much clearer picture in those circumstances," she explains.

The veterinarian also notes that ultrasound is capable of showing images in motion. "The ability to watch tissues and fluids moving in real time means that we can observe blood flow problems, abnormal heart action, and other potential health challenges," she says. "It also lets us observe the movement of kittens as they grow and develop in the mother cat's uterus, making it easier for us to monitor pregnancy and intervene with any necessary aid," she says.

Ultrasound imaging at All About Cats Veterinary Hospital is described by the vet as a simple, painless process. A certain amount of hair is shaved off of the area to be imaged, and a gel is applied to the skin over the area. "The gel increases the conductivity of the sound waves," says Dr. Koppe. "The patient can be sedated if anxiety is an issue, but most pets are fine with our procedures and our gentle, caring manner."

Dr. Koppe urges cat owners to contact All About Cats Veterinary Hospital by calling 702-257-3222 if they have questions about ultrasound imaging or wish to schedule a diagnostic appointment.

All About Cats Veterinary Hospital provides veterinary services exclusively to cats in a feline-friendly environment. The Las Vegas, Nevada clinic is located at 4370 South Durango Drive.