Liberty Auto Protection Now Offering Website Services And Customer Service In Spanish

Ocean, New Jersey, UNITED STATES

Ocean, New Jersey, Aug. 19, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Liberty Automotive Protection, a company that offers extended warranty coverage for drivers all around the United States, recently announced that they will be offering all their services and website information in Spanish. The company has been growing over the last few years, and they felt it was necessary to finally add this feature for those in the United States to use. Effective immediately, there will be the option to view their website in English or Spanish.

Making Customer Service Bilingual 

Over the last few years, Liberty Automotive Protection has valued the people who are looking for extended coverage for their vehicle. Thousands of people have benefitted from the services they provide. It offers piece of mind for a lot of drivers who are looking to stay safe on the roads and not have to worry about an issue with their car that isn't protected by standard warranties.

Millions of people in the United States use Spanish as their primary language. It made a lot of sense to Liberty Automotive Protection to offer this to their customers. There are so many different customers out there that might not feel completely comfortable speaking English, and this allows them to not be in a weird position at any time. The goal is to improve the current customer service for existing customers, and entice others to join thanks to their feature.

At the top right hand corner of the website, a person can translate everything in Spanish. There might be some slight translation issues at first, but the company is constantly working on translating everything accurately. The company is also offering customer service in Spanish for those requested. It is just another way for the company to offer a unique experience for their customers with no added cost.

More Added Features Planned

This is just the latest addition to a company that has been trying to grow at a fast rate over the last few months. After experiencing a lot of success, the focus has been on making the user experience better than the competition. The company has been working hard to add new features at a fast rate, and it seems like this is only scratching the surface of what they will be able to provide.

With positive reviews already online for their services, their customer service has always been a main priority. By offering this new type of customer service that caters to an entirely different language, it was a tough task that took some planning ahead of time. It seems like I'm now more than capable of handling this new type of customer that will open up new opportunities around the United States.

About Liberty Automotive Protection

At Liberty Automotive Protection, a customer can get extended coverage on any vehicle at a low price. Engine, Powertrain and Powertrain Advanced is all offered for those looking for added layers of protection on the road. Free quotes are always available for those interested in the company. 

The company is an online service based in New Jersey, and reachable at all hours of the day. Most repairs are done through an authorized repair shop near a client's home. Customers often do not need to pay anything out of pocket to get everything back in working order. With a focus on fast customer service, customers can expect to get back in their car in a short amount of time.

To learn more about this new feature, visit the website at This is the best way to keep up to date with all the latest news and additional features added to the website by the company.


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