Ardent Learning is a Company to Watch for Content Development and Training Outsourcing

Training Industry Inc. identifies Ardent as ‘poised for growth in the training outsourcing marketplace'

ROCHESTER, N.Y., Aug. 20, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Seasoned leader in custom learning solutions, Ardent was recognized by Training Industry, Inc. as a 2019 Watch List Company for both Content Development and Training Outsourcing. Ardent was one of fourteen companies acknowledged on the 2019 Watch List after undergoing extensive analysis of their capabilities, experience, and expertise. 

“We consistently push ourselves to be leaders in our space,” said Rich Fox, President and CEO of Ardent Learning. “We are grateful we have been able to work with so many outstanding organizations over our 25-year history. It is humbling to watch the potential that is unlocked by exceptional Instructional Design and tenacious imagination.”

Training Industry, Inc.’s market research analyst, Danielle Draewell, commented, “Through innovative processes, [the 2019 Watch List companies] are keeping up with training trends to deliver meaningful solutions for all industries.”

Ardent began designing their award-winning training services with the automotive industry, delivering a combination of learning theory and pragmatic real-world expertise that keeps people at the heart of the learning experience. Their custom learning solutions leverage behavioral sciences to develop comprehensive needs analyses that drive the performance improvement their clients are seeking. “Clients are quick to praise our engagement teams and human centric approach as the back-bone to our solutions. Our teams are dedicated to the client experience while driving the intended performance outcomes of the complex projects we’re engaged to accomplish,” said Kevin Donlan, VP Operations at Ardent.

Ardent continuously creates bold new methods that integrate learning design, user experience, and technology to yield results. Ardent has a proven track record in the automotive industry that has since spurred demand for their custom learning services in the finance, healthcare, and retail industries. Ardent looks forward to a bright future with plans to continue expanding their offerings to other verticals in the near-term. 

About Ardent
Founded over twenty years ago, Ardent continues to evolve their custom solutions to drive performance improvements for their clients in mid to large organizations, primarily in the automotive, finance, healthcare, and retail industries. An Ardent solution is customized to a client’s pace and adaptability for change, budgets, goals, existing tech stack and depth of reach across an organization. Ardent partners with the best technology providers to enable organizations to thrive through unlocking their people’s potential; delivered through their core capabilities: Instructional Design, Technology, Creative, Engagement Management and Facilitation Services. With an expansive suite of solution delivery methods, Ardent is able offer results driven strategies tailored to each organization’s unique culture and learning styles. Get to know Ardent at

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