Narrative Science Launches Initiative to Use AI for Positive Social Impact

Applying for a grant for data storytelling technology gives nonprofits the freedom to concentrate on impact.

Chicago, Illinois, UNITED STATES

CHICAGO, Aug. 21, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Narrative Science, which creates software that writes stories from data to drive understanding and results, today announces the launch of Data Storytelling for Good, an initiative aimed at promoting the use of data storytelling technology to make positive social impact.

Nonprofit and charitable organizations around the world in areas such as education, poverty, hunger, and disaster relief can apply to receive grants of Narrative Science’s leading data storytelling products and customer support.

Stuart Frankel, Narrative Science’s CEO, said, “The challenge of trying to use data to make better decisions but not having the time or resources to sift through data and look at analytics tools is not limited to for-profit companies. Socially impactful organizations face the same challenges that data storytelling is equipped to address. We are excited about the role Narrative Science can play by providing our technology to support causes that can make a positive impact on our community and the world.”

Narrative Science believes that part of being a leader in data storytelling and an innovative, responsible developer of artificial intelligence (AI) technology is making a core part of the company’s mission to ensure its products are used to aid organizations looking to address a wide range of social, environmental, and economic issues. The goal of Data Storytelling for Good is to promote the responsible use and development of data storytelling technology and put these powerful products in the hands of people and organizations making an impact on their communities and the world.

“We believe an important part of developing cutting-edge technology is showing how it can help solve our world’s most critical problems,” said Daniel Platt, senior principal for market innovation and leader of Data Storytelling for Good at Narrative Science. “We are excited to bring data storytelling to partner organizations to further their missions of making a positive impact on our world.”

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About Narrative Science

Narrative Science creates software that writes stories from data to drive understanding and results. Powered by artificial intelligence, our technology automatically turns data into easy-to-understand reports, transforms statistics into stories, and converts numbers into knowledge. Narrative Science works with customers including Deloitte, MasterCard, USAA, and members of the U.S. intelligence community, empowering them to understand and act on key business metrics, make better decisions, and focus talent on higher-value tasks—all through the power of data storytelling.

The Data Storytelling for Good movement encourages using data in meaningful ways to solve humanitarian issues around poverty, health, human rights, education, and the environment. Applying data for social good has led to new and creative ways to address global issues.

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