The Hinojosa Group Purchases a New EFI Nozomi Digital Printer for Cartonajes Bernabéu

With this latest purchase, The Hinojosa Group has become the corrugated packaging manufacturer with the world's largest direct-to-board digital capacity

ALMASSORA, Spain, Aug. 26, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The Hinojosa Group, one of the leading manufacturers of corrugated cardboard in Spain, is continuing to expand its single-pass digital printing capacity with the new EFI™ Nozomi C18000 for Cartonajes Bernabéu, the group's largest production plant, with installation expected in September.

With this new purchase, The Hinojosa Group will have four EFI Nozomi printers in its facilities. This consolidates the growth of the company's digital strategy, and makes it the corrugated cardboard packaging manufacturer with the world's largest direct-to-board digital capacity. As the CEO of The Hinojosa Group said, “Hinojosa has always aimed to be at the forefront and to implement cutting-edge digital printing as a way to differentiate our company from others; we could not have reached this point without such an important partner as EFI.”

The Hinojosa Group was one of the first companies in the country to opt for the digital transformation of its equipment, and the Cartonajes Bernabéu plant now has all the printing technology available on the market: flexo post-print and flexo pre-print, offset and now also digital printing. "Thanks to the incorporation of the EFI Nozomi C18000, we are expanding our technological capacity and will now have far greater flexibility, adaptability, quality and customization, among many other competitive advantages that we can offer our customers through digital printing,” highlights the CEO and Managing Director of Cartonajes Bernabéu.

Single-pass Nozomi printers form part of a complete ecosystem for the production of corrugated cardboard provided by EFI, which includes the EFI Fiery® NZ-1000 digital front end, which provides high performance, outstanding color precision, efficient job management and the capacity to produce versioned or variable jobs at high speed.

“The Hinojosa Group is one of the most innovative companies in the packaging sector, and this new acquisition reflects the group's strong commitment to quality, sustainability and added value for its customers," said José Luis Ramón Moreno, Vice President and General Manager of EFI Industrial Printing. “We are proud that Hinojosa values and trusts EFI's broad vision as a leader of digital solutions in multiple markets, and has chosen us as a technological partner for the development of its digital strategy. Digital print adoption in corrugated is one of the most important and fastest-growing trends in the global print and packaging industries as it addresses longstanding inefficiencies, and EFI is committed to meeting global demand to help drive that transition.

About Hinojosa
With more than 70 years of experience, Hinojosa is the leader of Spain's packaging sector and is considered one of the main family business groups in the country. The group has experienced significant growth in recent years. Innovation, specialization and a strong customer focus based on a close relationship are the pillars on which this growth is based.

Hinojosa, which has twelve production plants in Spain, closed 2018 with a turnover of 399 million euros. Its international projection is supported by its membership of Blue Box Partners, the European alliance made up of four family-run companies that are leaders in the packaging sector in their home markets, and which have more than 8,000 employees.

About EFI™
EFI™ is a global technology company, based in Silicon Valley, and is leading the worldwide transformation from analog to digital imaging. The company is passionate about fueling customer success with products that increase competitiveness and boost productivity. To do that, the company develops cutting-edge technologies for the manufacturing of signage, packaging, textiles, ceramic tiles, and personalized documents, with a wide range of printers, inks, digital front ends, and a comprehensive business and production workflow system that transforms and streamlines the entire production process.

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