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New Complimentary Research Includes Actionable Advice for Quantifying Employee Engagement Investments

San Jose, California, UNITED STATES

SAN JOSE, Calif., Aug. 27, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Recognizing employers’ need to optimize their wellbeing solutions to deliver impactful results, industry leader Grokker recently released “3 Steps to Achieving Real Value with Total Health Engagement.” The new resource is available for a limited time only, on a complimentary basis.

Dan Graovac, vice president of Business Solutions for Grokker, commented, “Until recently, wellness programs relied on biometric screenings and incentives, which identify areas of concern but don't necessarily improve outcomes. Today’s workers still suffer from high stress, lack of sleep, poor nutrition and insufficient physical activity, while being expected to get in the office and perform. Employers have an opportunity here to extract measurable impact from these initiatives while giving employees the tools needed to feel better and improve their lifestyles.”

According to research from the Integrated Benefits Institute, productivity losses due to poor health costs U.S. employers an average of $1,958 per employee, quickly adding up to upwards of $19M for organizations with a headcount of 10,000. Employers add to this cost by spending on biometrics and incentives that - sadly - offer metrics but don’t provide a means for improvement. In response, Grokker developed its latest eBook to help employers avoid a multi-million dollar drain, and best support their workforces.

An established benefits category thought leader, Grokker outlines the ways employers can determine what employees actually want and need from workforce wellbeing programs, addressing the interconnected habits of nutrition, sleep, mindfulness and activity. Grokker also explains how recalibrating workforce wellbeing programs - such as moving away from the often meaningless metrics produced by biometrics - results in sustainable lifestyle changes and total health engagement. This modern approach encourages increased program participation, provides the tools needed to build happier, healthier lives and delivers real value back to the organization.

“Numbers have nothing to do with that’s ailing employees in the first place – and everything to do with what the organization expects from its investments. It’s about making incremental changes to create long-term value for the organization,” Graovac continued. “By moving away from the traditional mindset, and embracing a contemporary one that encompasses the whole self, employers can improve their bottom line and their workers’ lives.” 

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