New study to investigate impact of proactive-voice caregiving for heart failure patients announced

LifePod joins American Heart Association’s Center for Health Technology & Innovation Innovators Network to design and conduct joint study

BOSTON, Aug. 27, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- LifePod® Solutions Inc., the groundbreaking, proactive-voice caregiving service, has joined the American Heart Association’s Center for Health Technology & Innovation (the Center) Innovators Network to implement a first-of-its-kind heart failure study to support CarePlan adherence among those suffering from chronic heart conditions. The Center is focused on building and fostering health tech relationships to drive innovative and scalable solutions across the health continuum and helps members of its Innovators Network integrate their technology with the Association’s digital resources to encourage development of digital healthcare solutions.

The study aims to explore the impact of LifePod’s proactive, personalizable service in helping patients with heart failure adhere to the Center’s science-based health management plans, called CarePlans. Medications nonadherence contributes to upwards of $300 billion a year in avoidable healthcare spending.  LifePod’s service can help reduce this cost and improve the patient experience by proactively monitoring and supporting patients with two-way, voice-first medication reminders and diet and exercise encouragement in between doctor’s visits.

Unlike reactive voice assistants that can only respond to patients when spoken to, LifePod has the ability to speak to the patient without being prompted. As important, the proactive dialogues can easily be configured on LifePod’s cloud-based Caregiver Portal, enabling personalization in accordance with each patient’s unique needs. For the first time, professional caregivers and family members can remotely monitor and support their patients or loved ones throughout the day, every day, without relying on intrusive video links or being there in person.

“We’re excited to collaborate with LifePod on this study and we look forward to applying our unique cardiovascular research expertise to help improve health education and health engagement,” said Patrick Wayte, Senior Vice President of the American Heart Association’s Center for Health Technology & Innovation.

We are proud to collaborate with the Association with the goal of enabling patients with heart conditions to live longer, healthier lives,” said Stuart R. Patterson, co-founder and CEO of LifePod. “Our tests have shown that the personalized nature and intuitive UI of LifePod’s proactive-voice service can empower caregivers to address the gaps in behavioral and social support that contribute to medication and behavioral nonadherence, potentially extending patients’ lives and saving providers billions in avoidable costs.”

The news comes on the heels of LifePod’s highly successful pilot program with the Commonwealth Care Alliance® (CCA), which resulted in CCA deciding to expand LifePod’s caregiving service to approximately 500 additional CCA members. The American Heart Association’s Center for Health Technology and Innovation and LifePod will form a governing board of healthcare experts, including representatives from the Association, LifePod and CCA to design the initial program study with a cohort of 50-100 patients at risk of heart failure.

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LifePod is the first proactive-voice, AI-powered caregiving service developed with a singular goal in mind: to support and improve the quality of care and life for both caregivers and care recipients throughout their journey together. LifePod’s customizable functionality fits the unique needs of a wide range of caregivers supporting older adults aging in place as well as those suffering from chronic illnesses or disabilities at home. Winner of the Best of Show award in Patient-Focused Software at the 2019 Bio-IT World, LifePod’s two-way voice service expands the capabilities of popular smart speakers with patented technology that supports natural, proactive-voice dialogues, configured and controlled by remote caregivers. The LifePod team, comprised of experienced voice and health technology veterans, works closely with families, professional caregivers, and senior living communities to improve health outcomes and reduce the costs of long-term and chronic care. To learn more or to sign up for the LifePod Early Access Program, visit

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