DELSEY Paris launches DELSEY Planet

The brand’s dedicated program for #TheGreenMove

Paris, Aug. 29, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Since 1946, DELSEY has continued to improve the technical aspects of luggage by listening to customers. Now, environmental challenges have inspired the group to take their efforts a step further.

With the launch of the DELSEY PLANET program, the group is positioned to be part of a force of change in the world of travel. More recycled materials, more services that enhance the durability of products, more support for those who champion fair travel, more information and initiatives to rally travelers behind sustainable journeys, and greener travel.

"Over the past several years, DELSEY PARIS has been studying its environmental impact and working to make improvements.
We are now structuring this wide array of projects into a participatory program with greater visibility: DELSEY PLANET.
Because sharing our environmentally-conscious values and initiatives with our customers helps us make progress,"

explains Isabelle Parize, Executive Chairman.

The DELSEY Planet Program has two main focuses: reducing pollution from plastic waste and supporting sustainable tourism.

Reducing plastic:

  • New luggage made from recycled plastic
  • Use of up to 30% recycled materials in our suitcases (lining, shell, etc.)
  • 50% decrease in plastic used to manufacture our luggage in five years
  • Expansion of new practical, affordable services for extending the lifespan of our luggage, and promoting the reuse and recycling of our products.
  • Initiatives to clean up nature sites.

Rallying behind fair travel:


Goal: Support the development of sustainable tourism and fund the most inspiring projects.

"Sustainable travel is an important issue because travel is the key to a more open world, but we have to do it in a sustainable way, to care for our planet,” explains Loïc Yviquel, Director of Partnerships at Ulule. Our partnership with DELSEY PARIS is a valuable opportunity for all our project initiators across the world."

"Our top commitment at DELSEY PARIS is to make travel easier for our customers and to assist them. The second commitment, which we view as vital, is to promote sustainable travel. That’s why we are launching the #FAIRTRAVEL program in partnership with Ulule," says Isabelle Parize, Executive Chairman.

DELSEY’s contribution to the #FAIRTRAVEL program, in partnership with Ulule: 

Co-funding the first guide book for alternative, sustainable travel across the world.

"In a decade, we’ll travel differently to how we do now. We have to act now and change our travel habits to protect our world and rise to the environmental and societal challenges of our time, such as global warming, the need for greater solidarity between different peoples, the need for authenticity, and the increase of plastic in the oceans. We designed this guide to bring alternative travel within everyone’s reach. The project will launch very soon, thanks to the support of DELSEY PARIS!" says a delighted Nicolas Breton, co-author of the guide "1000 idées et adresses pour voyager engagé" (1,000 Ideas and Places for Travel with a Conscience).


The aim is to raise public awareness about sustainable tourism and fundraise for likeminded projects that will reshape the future of travel. 



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