Philips’ intelligent health solutions at IFA 2019 adapt to individual consumer needs


September 5, 2019

  • Easy, perfectly cooked homemade dishes using the Philips Airfryer with Smart Sensing technology, which automatically adjusts time and temperature
  • Shaving without skin irritation with the AI-powered Philips Smart Shaver series 7000
  • Enjoying quieter nights for snorers and their partners with the help of the Philips SmartSleep Snoring Relief Band
  • Visit the Philips IFA 2019 website for more news on Philips' latest consumer health solutions

Berlin, Germany and Amsterdam, the Netherlands – At the 2019 Internationale Funkausstellung (IFA, September 6-11, Berlin, Germany), Royal Philips (NYSE: PHG, AEX: PHIA), a global leader in health technology, today highlighted a range of intelligent, adaptive and personalized consumer health solutions that seamlessly integrate into people’s lives and lifestyles, empowering them to make healthier choices and fulfilling their personal needs.

“We are increasingly seeing the need for a personalized approach to health. Consumers have never been more engaged in their health and they want solutions that fit easily into their daily lives,” said Roy Jakobs, Chief Business Leader Personal Health businesses at Royal Philips. “We are using the very latest technologies to work together to really understand consumers, so that our solutions intelligently adapt to their needs. The innovations we are showcasing at this year’s IFA offer consumers data-driven personalized insights and coaching advice, making it easier for them to adopt healthier choices that integrate seamlessly into their daily routines.”

New Airfryer takes over and cooks for you
What we eat has a significant impact on our overall health and wellbeing. Enjoying delicious healthy meals together with loved ones not only makes for the best eating experience, it also boosts one’s mood and helps to build relationships. However, for many people, cooking involves quite a bit of guesswork. Recipes often need to be adapted and how does one really know when a meal is perfectly cooked. Building on the success of more than 10 million Airfryers sold since 2008, Philips is taking the next step with the new Philips Airfryer XXL featuring Smart Sensing technology that takes over the cooking process to ensure a perfectly cooked meal. It has five ‘smart chef’ programs for the most popular Airfryer dishes. At the touch of a button, the Philips Smart Sensing technology automatically adjusts the Airfryer’s time and temperature settings, sealing in juices and flavors and delivering superb tasting meals. Food is perfectly cooked, eliminating the need to switch appliances or the chance of overlooking steps in the cooking process.

Healthy looking and feeling skin
With a growing number of men highlighting sensitive skin as a key issue when shaving, the Philips Smart Shaver series 7000 analyzes shaver motion and provides a personalized shaving plan to tackle specific skin issues and needs. With the Smart Shaver series 7000, Philips is spotlighting the world’s only connected AI-powered shaving solution, with an in-built sensor to detect the user’s shaving motion and provide visual guidance. Integrating easily into a daily routine, the accompanying app uses a combination of daily questions and sensor data to identify the health of the user’s skin and provide a personalized shaving plan to help them keep their skin healthy and looking great.

Sleeping well and getting enough rest
Almost a quarter of all women and around 40% of all men snore, often disturbing the sleep of their partners [1] and for some, snoring is caused by sleeping on their back. To solve this problem, Philips is highlighting the SmartSleep Snoring Relief Band as the latest innovation in its growing portfolio of consumer sleep solutions aimed at addressing 80% of all sleep issues. Launching this year in the United States and expanding into Europe and other global markets in 2020, Philips’ Snoring Relief Band is a clinically-proven, personalized solution for positional snoring [2]. Worn in a soft band around the lower chest, a sensor monitors when the wearer is turning onto their back. It detects the position change and uses adaptive vibrations that prompt the wearer to move onto their side to avoid the snoring position. Philips’ SmartSleep offering also includes the Connected Sleep and Wake-up Light with new and improved sleep coaching features, and the SmartSleep Deep Sleep Headband.

Philips at IFA 2019
Other innovations on display at this year’s IFA in Berlin include Philips’ new line of Air Purifiers, the complete oral care platform by Philips Sonicare, including its latest Sonicare teledentistry service, its Pregnancy+ and Baby+ apps, which support parents from pregnancy to the baby’s first years, and the Lumea Prestige and associated coaching app, which provides women with a personalized hair removal treatment plan. These solutions are showcased alongside many other innovations in the areas of sleep, oral care, air purification, nutrition and personal care.

The Philips press conference, hosted by Roy Jakobs, Chief Business Leader Personal Health, takes place on September 5 at 12:15PM CET in Hall 22 in the Messe Berlin. A live stream of the event can be viewed at the Philips IFA 2019 website. Roy will be joined on stage by Kostas Vouzas, CEO Philips TV Europe at TP Vision.

For live updates throughout IFA, follow the Twitter conversation on @PhilipsPR and the event hashtag #IFA2019. Alternatively, visit Philips at the Philips IFA 2019 website or YouTube and LinkedIn.

[1] Snoring study (UK, Breath right), Intermediar, British snoring and apnea association
[2] This product is for position-dependent back snorers where snoring ceases when sleeping on their side.

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