Byzen Digital Appointed as Strategic Technical and Commercial Consultant to DevWerks, Inc.

DevWerks Plans to Launch Direct-To-Consumer HDTV Platform in Q1-2020

London, UK, Sept. 11, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- via NEWMEDIAWIRE -- Byzen Digital Inc. (OTC PINK: BYZN), a technology mergers and acquisitions company, today announced that it has been appointed as a Strategic Technical and Commercial Consultant to DevWerks, Inc., effective immediately. 

DevWerks is a privately held US-based company that has developed an exclusively licensed technology which permits the most wanted linear video content to be streamed and delivered at less than 1.5mbps. This technology allows TV Household users (TVHH) with significant bandwidth restriction across the United States to stream all of the programming content they want to receive. This could be in urban or suburban areas or in rural areas, where over 50 million Americans do not have access to Internet speeds in excess of 25mbps.

DevWerks plans to launch its direct-to-consumer HDTV platform in Q1-2020, beginning in the southwest United States, with offerings that include full programming placement on mobile, tablets, and Cable TV and OTT television viewing. Through content acquisition partnerships, DevWerks will launch with over 160 linear real-time Cable TV channels including Broadcast Networks, Sport Channels, Movie Channels and much more, along with providing true in-demand access to all of the downloadable apps in the Google Play Store.

DevWerks has built its platform offering to deliver its full-service TruChoice TV programing experience that TVHH consumers really want, on each of the home devices they demand to watch it on and guaranteed under any bandwidth constraints. Through its initial market entry, DevWerks will then aggressively expand across the entire United States as well as many underserved developing countries who have very limited bandwidth and developing utilities. 

Chris Percy, President of Byzen Digital, commented, “After lengthy negotiations with the team at DevWerks I am pleased to welcome another innovative and exciting commercial partner to the Byzen Digital family. We look forward to a long and successful relationship together.”

Ross Meyer, CEO of DevWerks, added, “I am very excited to welcome Byzen Digital to our team of committed partners. Access to their experience with high growth technology companies is unparalleled for a company at our stage. Byzen‘s focus on start-ups that seek to bring new and wanted technology to existing and new markets, will bring together our technology with their proven methods for success, and result in a win-win for both the end-user consumer and our Company.” 

Jon Paolino, CTO of DevWerks, stated, “Partnering with Byzen Digital will allow DevWerks to enter new markets, deploy its technologies, and access expansion capital at a pace we had not anticipated being available for a few years. This is an exciting opportunity for all involved and will greatly speed up our development cycle once fully realized.”

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