Sumo Logic Showcases the Intelligence Economy at Illuminate 2019

Redwood City, California, UNITED STATES

Company Delivers the Industry’s First Continuous Intelligence Solution for Kubernetes to Provide the Discoverability, Observability and Security Essential for Microservices Adoption;

Demonstrates the Unique Power of Sumo Logic Global Intelligence with the 4th Annual Continuous Intelligence Report and GIS for Amazon Web Services GuardDuty; 

Expands Partnership with Google Cloud to Enable Choice & Application Modernization;

Outlines a New Disruptive Credit-Based Licensing Model to Accelerate Digital Transformation

REDWOOD CITY, Calif., Sept. 11, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Sumo Logic, the leader in continuous intelligence, along with its community, partners and users, today brought the Intelligence Economy to life with a number of new announcements and innovations during President and CEO Ramin Sayar’s keynote at its third-annual user conference Illuminate. These innovations include the industry’s first Continuous Intelligence Solution for Kubernetes to help users make faster, better decisions to deploy reliable, scalable and engaging digital service. 

“In the Intelligence Economy, digital business is producing a tsunami of data that leaders and employees are under constant pressure to understand and act upon to drive great customer experiences. Without real-time insights that are actionable, these businesses risk falling into the intelligence gap, making them more vulnerable to disruption and irrelevance,” said Ramin Sayar, president and CEO for Sumo Logic. “Together with our user community, we’ve created a new category of software called continuous intelligence, which mirrors the operational and economic model of cloud computing, and is purpose built to help our customers close the intelligence gap and win in the Intelligence Economy.”

A New Approach to Managing Microservices and Kubernetes Based Apps and Services 
According to Sumo Logic’s fourth annual “Continuous Intelligence Report: The State of Modern Applications and DevSecOps in the Cloud” released yesterday, Kubernetes’ explosive adoption is dramatically reshaping the modern application stack. While traditional observability solutions were built to manage Kubernetes from the infrastructure layer, the hyper-scale and complexity of cloud and microservices demand a solution that aligns with the micro-services topology that Kubernetes engineers are building so they can see and manage their environments from both an infrastructure and services perspective. To meet this demand, Continuous Intelligence for Kubernetes provides users with a unified and customizable solution that offers real-time visibility and dynamic navigation based on incoming data and metadata from their unique Kubernetes implementations. Built for DevSecOps, this approach allows site reliability engineers, platform engineers, cloud architects, developers and security analysts to quickly identify and resolve issues impacting their applications. 

The new Sumo Logic Continuous Intelligence solution for Kubernetes provides improved discoverability, observability and security:

  • Service-centric discoverability through dynamic dashboard hierarchy that automatically maps to the mental model of Kubernetes

Through customizable dashboards and simplified, template-driven troubleshooting customers can quickly deploy the service and begin visually navigating Kubernetes data to discover performance issues across all data sources.

  • Enhanced observability and deeper visibility into microservices running on Kubernetes

Customers receive seamless support for multi-cloud, multi-region and hybrid-cloud architectures with the ability to analyze the ephemeral nature of container-based application data without sacrificing performance or imposing high licensing costs.

  • Bolstered security support from development to operations within a unified platform

This solution provides unprecedented DevSecOps visibility with security events included out of the box, strong integrations with the Kubernetes security ecosystem, and existing best in class security analytics and compliance functionality.

To offer a seamless, scalable Kubernetes security solution, Sumo Logic relies on a strong and growing ecosystem of partners that includes cloud providers, security vendors, and development tools. The Sumo Logic Kubernetes solution delivers out-of-the-box integrations with support for many of the leading DevSecOps tools and vendors across the container and Kubernetes ecosystem, which allows customers to discover and resolve issues faster and more efficiently with new and expanded partners including; Aqua Security, Falco, JFrog, StackRox, Tigera, Prisma, Armory, CircleCI, Codefresh and Harness

Sumo Logic Global Intelligence: The Power of a Multi-tenant Cloud-native Platform
Launched last year, Global Intelligence makes available the actionable insights generated in real-time from the Sumo Logic community of over 100,000 users. This network effect of insights is only accessible through a multi-tenant platform. This exposes a rich set of anonymized data and intelligence that Sumo Logic delivers to users as industry, community and data insights; in the form of 1) Continuous Intelligence report; 2) peer and global benchmarks and 3) the ability to leverage machine data analytics in data science modeling. At the Illuminate keynote today, Ramin Sayar discussed two new updates to Global Intelligence; the 4th annual Continuous Intelligence Report and new benchmarking capabilities for AWS GuardDuty. 

Sumo Logic Global Intelligence for GuardDuty generates continuous machine learning and statistical baselines for KPIs (key performance indicators) and KRIs (key risk indicators) from AWS GuardDuty threat detection service. Those baselines are used by Sumo Logic customers to benchmark, prioritize, and optimize security configuration and detection for their AWS accounts.

Expanded Multi-Cloud Support for Google Cloud Platform
As today’s modern businesses continue to look for ways to differentiate themselves and deliver a seamless experience to their customers, the demand for secure, customizable solutions that support multiple cloud platforms is growing. Sumo Logic was one of the first in the industry to release a comprehensive set of applications for Google Cloud Platform (GCP) that enable real-time collection and analytics of machine data emitted by all major GCP services. Today, Sumo Logic is expanding its support to Anthos and Istio. Anthos is Google Cloud’s open source-based platform that lets enterprises run apps anywhere -- simply, flexibly, securely and consistently. Anthos leverages Istio, an open service mesh that provides a uniform way to connect, manage, and secure microservices.

“Until now, adopting cloud meant choosing a vendor, being locked in, having only one choice, and facing an uphill battle integrating existing on-prem services. We launched Anthos to better serve customers who want the option of running their workloads in the environments best suited to their needs. Sumo Logic already supports more than 10 Google Cloud services. With the new support for Anthos and service mesh, our joint customers will now have line of sight visibility and real-time data intelligence from their Sumo Logic dashboards.”
Jennifer Lin, Dir Product Management for Anthos, Google Cloud

The Future of Sumo Logic Licensing and Packaging
Data in today’s digital age is growing at an alarming rate which enterprises are simply unable to keep up with. Unlocking the power of this data at scale is essential for businesses to accelerate their pace of innovation and differentiate the services they deliver to their customers. Today, Sumo Logic outlined how it intends to help these enterprises better leverage their data and close the intelligence gap with packaging and a licensing model that unshackles users from traditional, archaic, server-based licensing models. The innovative credit-based licensing model continues the company’s commitment to cloud economics, and provides unlimited value, choice, and flexibility for customers in both large and small enterprise.

The new Sumo Logic Continuous Intelligence Suite of packages is in private beta. The packages come in four options tailored for the buyers and their use cases - Essentials Edition, Enterprise Operations Intelligence solution targeting Monitoring and Troubleshooting use case, Enterprise Security Intelligence solution targeting security analytics and Compliance use case and the all-encompassing Enterprise Suite. Volume discounts will be made available for all Enterprise packages. 


“At LendingTree, we’ve invested heavily in a microservices-based, multi-cloud strategy to maintain application reliability and manage cloud spend. It is critical that Sumo Logic is cloud neutral, which enables LendingTree to monitor our Kubernetes infrastructure in a cloud neutral manner. This is not possible without Sumo Logic.”
Jeremy Proffitt, Staff Reliability Engineer, LendingTree

“The Informatica cloud platform is a collection of dozens of microservices spanning multiple teams across the globe. When a production incident happens we use Sumo Logic for managing the incident to determine who are the affected services, updating the stakeholders site, troubleshooting the root cause analysis. Sumo Logic’s service-focused approach allows us to quickly trace customer issues down to Kubernetes problems, in a simple, easy-to-use interface.”
Lior Mechlovich, Architect, Informatica

"As a consumer learning company, our customers rely on our product as an important learning tool. This means continuous operational visibility into our systems is a top priority for our engineers. As we’ve scaled, Sumo Logic has played a key role in providing the data we need. Their Kubernetes solution puts them leaps and bounds ahead of competitors, allowing our team to automatically integrate new data sources."
Graham Trummell, Site Reliability Engineer, Quizlet

“Our mission is to provide fluid security to help enterprises secure their cloud native workloads at the speed of DevOps. We are excited to partner with Sumo Logic to help bridge the gap between DevOps and security teams by providing granular visibility for security and compliance events throughout the cloud native application lifecycle, from development to runtime in production.”
Upesh Patel, VP of Business Development, Aqua Security

“We’ve set the standard in container and Kubernetes security to protect cloud-native applications across build, deploy, and runtime. Now with the StackRox App for Sumo Logic, we can jointly help customers detect, investigate, and remediate vulnerabilities, insecure configurations, compliance violations, and runtime threats across their container and Kubernetes environments.”
Wei Lien Dang, Co-founder and VP of Product, StackRox

"We are excited to release this integration in partnership with the Sumo Logic team. Integrating Sumo Logic’s powerful log and metrics monitoring capabilities with Spinnaker’s leading cloud-native continuous delivery platform will provide the community with unparalleled insight into their software delivery process.”
Dee Kumar, VP of Open Source & Developer Relations, Armory

“The act of building quality software, and shipping it quickly, has become the core engine of value creation in companies across all industries. CircleCI allows teams to rapidly release code they trust by automating the build, test, and delivery process. Together with Sumo Logic, we’re now able to provide customers unprecedented visibility and control over their software development pipelines to better monitor and secure their DevOps pipeline to ensure quality and increase delivery velocity.”
Kunal Jain, Senior Product Manager, CircleCI

“The integration of JFrog Artifactory and Xray with Sumo Logic helps the DevSecOps community visualize the information coming from JFrog and correlate with other data sources to better understand the full impact of vulnerable artifacts across all environments - including Kubernetes. As JFrog continues to enable ‘Liquid Software,’ which delivers fast, automated and secure updates that flow continuously with no downtime, our partnership with Sumo Logic has become increasingly important in streamlining DevSecOps resources with their new Kubernetes solution.”
Shlomi Ben Haim, CEO and Co-Founder, JFrog 

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