TidalScale Announces Breakthrough Flexibility and Performance for In-Memory Applications with Third Generation Software-Defined Server Technology

New enterprise-class capabilities expand the market opportunity to include Oracle Database, SAP HANA and other in-memory and analytics workloads

Campbell, California, UNITED STATES

News Summary:

  • New enterprise capability includes support for SANs, seamless upgradability, and optimizations for key workloads such as Oracle Database and SAP HANA
  • Enhanced real-time machine learning improves performance and scalability and delivers up to 10X faster performance over a traditional server
  • Company stakeholders, from database administrators to data scientists, now can create Software-Defined Servers using a wider range of enterprise server platforms and at larger scale
  • Software-Defined Server market penetration continues to grow as customers embrace the disruptive benefits of sizing their server to fit their workload

CAMPBELL, Calif., Sept. 12, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- TidalScale, the pioneer leading the Software-Defined Server revolution, today announced general availability of the third generation of its Software-Defined Server technology.

The ability to compose a Software-Defined Server in data centers and in the cloud disrupts how large-scale in-memory workloads like Oracle or SAP are deployed. Because TidalScale software enables the use of broadly available and cost-effective instances to compose large-scale systems on demand, IaaS customers are no longer required to make costly long-term commitments to deliver multi-terabyte solutions in the public cloud. For on-premises deployments, TidalScale software enables organizations to create right-sized servers from their existing commodity systems, removing the cost of expensive scale-up investments when their in-memory computing needs escalate.

In addition to supporting a broader range of hardware ecosystem components, the third-generation technology incorporates an enhanced machine learning architecture. This results in improved scalability and system performance – with specific enhancements for Oracle Database and SAP HANA deployed on TidalScale-based platforms.

With these enhancements, TidalScale Software-Defined Servers provide insights from data faster and at larger scale than ever before.

At Oracle OpenWorld, a Most Promising Oracle Solution Provider
Also this week, TidalScale announced it was named one of 20 Most Promising Oracle Solution Providers by CIO Review magazine. To learn why, visit TidalScale.com or see TidalScale at Oracle OpenWorld in booth # 1723 Sept. 16–19 in San Francisco.

Gary Smerdon, President & CEO at TidalScale
“Businesses increasingly depend on the ability to gain rapid insight from the data they possess – data that is growing at exponential rates. But to achieve optimal performance, you need a system large enough to keep the application data in-memory.  However, a too-large system results in over-provisioning and overpaying for software licenses and upkeep. The key is to size the server to the workload, ensuring optimal performance while lowering TCO. TidalScale delivers not only the ability to scale systems on demand, but to do so with standard, cost-effective servers, data center networking infrastructure and unmodified software – either on premises or in the cloud.”

Supporting Quotes

Deepak Padaki, Executive Vice President, Strategy at Infosys Limited
“It’s not every day you get to partner with a company that’s driving a revolution. TidalScale is on a mission to do that with their Software-Defined Server technology, and that’s why we made an investment and continue to align with their vision. TidalScale’s disruptive technology addresses a perennial challenge for our customers — how to extract the maximum value out of their data while simultaneously reducing their total cost of ownership. And as a leader ourselves with significant practices in Oracle and SAP HANA use cases, we see huge shared value in TidalScale’s visionary server innovations.”

Jana Kanyadan, Senior Vice President and CIO at Mohawk Industries
“Our use of data and IT is a key differentiator for us. In fact, it’s at the heart of how we have and continue to transform our business. Staying on top of the most exciting, cutting-edge technologies is part of what has made us the world’s largest flooring company. Making our vertically integrated operations sing from design through material sourcing and manufacturing to distribution is not without its challenges. The use of SAP HANA coupled with TidalScale’s Software-Defined Server technology is allowing us to stay ahead of these challenges and get the most out of our data.”

Eric Slack, Senior Analyst at Evaluator Group
"The public cloud is built on cost-effective, commodity infrastructure. Like the cloud, TidalScale leverages a software-defined infrastructure at scale, and uses that technology to fundamentally change how large, in-memory workloads are deployed, eliminating the need for expensive, scale-up systems.”

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About TidalScale, Inc.
TidalScale is the leading provider of Software-Defined Servers. By right-sizing servers on demand, TidalScale helps organizations achieve results sooner and at a lower cost than traditional scaling options. We help businesses monetize their data, transform the economics of the data center and make the promise of Software-Defined Servers a reality. TidalScale has specific optimizations for Oracle Database and SAP HANA and was listed among the 20 most promising Oracle and SAP solution providers in 2019 by CIO Review. The company was named a Gartner Cool Vendor for 2017 and an IDC Innovator[i]  for 2017, and was a winner of the Red Herring Top 100 Global award.  TidalScale is privately held with backing from Bain Capital, HWVP, Sapphire Ventures, Infosys, Citrix, SK Hynix, Forte Ventures, and Samsung. Learn more at http://www.tidalscale.com.

[i] IDC Innovators: Virtualizing Infrastructure with Software-Defined Compute, 2017


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