Newchip Accelerator Launches September 2019 Seed Cohort

30 Startups Accepted into #1 Online Accelerator Program

Austin, Texas, UNITED STATES

AUSTIN, Texas, Sept. 12, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The Newchip Startup Accelerator is excited to announce the launch of its September Seed Accelerator cohort, which includes 30 new startups from around the world. The startups range in industry focus from clean water technology to AI in music, online booking marketplaces, IoT pollution monitoring, AI-powered chatbots for reducing turnover, medical technology, and more.

“Our Seed Accelerator is consistently attracting companies from around the world because they understand the value we provide,” said Ryan Rafols, CEO of Newchip. “Our mission has always been to provide entrepreneurs with the right tools, skills, and knowledge so that they can fundraise from investors with confidence and ultimate scale their companies to the next level. We remain committed to driving this mission as our involvement with the global startup community grows every day.”

Newchip was founded as a solution to the 99%-of-startups-fail equation and it launched its inaugural online accelerator program in April 2019 with a focus on neglected startup markets. Since then, the Accelerator has hosted two additional Seed cohorts in June and July with entrepreneurs from around the world and is hosting its next Startup Expo from October 7th-11th. Similar to a demo day, Newchip Expos are week-long, online streamed, startup presentations to the Newchip and global investor community.

The Newchip Accelerator is disrupting the global startup accelerator and fundraising industry by formalizing entrepreneur education and mentorship as well as opening access to neglected markets for investors around the globe. Its programs accept new applicants on a rolling basis, graduating more companies than typical accelerators due to its equity-free and online nature.

Companies participating in the September 2019 Newchip Seed Accelerator include:

  • BLH Aqua Tech (Gyeonggi-do, South Korea): BLH Aqua Technology creates, produces and offers advanced technological solutions for the agriculture, mining and desalinization sectors worldwide to maximize water efficiency while minimizing its usage. 
  • NoMo Diagnostics (Illinois, USA): NoMo Diagnostics is focused on real-time concussion detection for athletes and military personnel - almost like having a neurologist on your team.
  • Kulfy App (New York, USA): Kulfy App is your library for short-form entertainment (videos, GIFs, images) and the simplest way to search your favorite content and easily share with your family and friends via chat or any social network.
  • Neat Cheeks (Colorado, USA): NeatCheeks natural baby face wipes are the original, naturally-sweetened face wipes designed to create a fuss-free and happy clean-up. 
  • Articulate Labs (Texas, USA): Articulate Labs develops wearables that turns daily activities into on-the-go physical therapy and rehabilitation through muscle stimulation and machine learning. 
  • SimplifiMed (California, USA): SimplifiMed helps health delivery organizations to automate workflows that require patient inputs - think of it as a 24/7 multilingual EHR assistant. 
  • SensorComm Technologies (New Mexico, USA): SensorComm’s IoT-based NOx monitoring system (Wi-NOx™) captures the real-time pollution footprint of vehicles in the transportation and smart city segments providing predictive maintenance, performance and driver behavior information via an integrated smartphone app.
  • RIDE Capital (Berlin, Germany): RIDE Capital combines blockchain technology for cost effective structuring with a long term opportunistic-to-core investment strategy to acquire real estate assets that have core potential and then actively manage these assets to uncover their potential value.
  • Bestest App (Connecticut, USA): Bestest brings “polling to the people” through a dedicated mobile app that gives everyone the power to collect usable insights, answers and feedback on the issues of the day through real-time opinion research.
  • eMasters (São Paulo, Brazil): eMasters is the best way to play, manage and find eSport tournaments. It's free, safe and easy - you just have to play and have fun. 
  • Lillycover (Daegu, South Korea): Lillycover is a healthcare platform developing personalized health, beauty, and medical treatment solutions for smart skin care. 
  • Heart Rate Social (Texas, USA): Heart Rate Social is a community exclusively for people who care about health and fitness, whether they are seeking to find new friends, workout buddies, dating, or locals events all in one app. 
  • Athletes Guide (New York, USA): Athletes Guide is an NCAA compliant platform that connect current college athletes so they can receive instruction on how to get to the next level.
  • Mad Genius Radio (Colorado, USA): Mad Genius Radio is a platform designed to create a virtual pipeline to listeners tuned to their taste in music by tapping into their 100 billion neurons to mine their unique subconscious connections to music that they all have thereby creating an infinite, never-the-same-twice playlist. 
  • New York Streets (New York, USA): New York Streets is the National Arena League’s newest franchise in play at the Westchester County Center since April 2019. 
  • Hungry Media (Missouri, USA): Hungry Media develops deliciously consumable custom web and mobile applications for public figures, celebrity influencers, and small to mid-market organizations in the B2B and B2C markets. 
  • Beyu Caffe (North Carolina, USA): Beyu Caffe (pronounced be-you) was founded in 2009 by Dorian Bolden to be the ultimate community gathering place where everyone could “be you”. 
  • Fetch (New Mexico, USA): Fetch delivers anything and everything from hundreds of local businesses including restaurants, cafes, food trucks, grocery stores, convenience stores, flower shops, dry cleaners, hardware and office supplies.
  • ArcticApp (Rovaniemi, Finland): ArcticApp is developing 3-5 commercially and internationally viable mobile phone apps in the next 5 years concentrating on the recycling and travel industries. 
  • Trio Rewards (California, USA): Trio Rewards empowers local retailers to acquire new customers by enabling their existing customers to earn money for word of mouth marketing.
  • ThreatWarrior (Texas, USA): ThreatWarrior is a leader in next-gen network protection dedicated to lowering global cybercrime by combining adaptive AI, network traffic and behavior analytics, incident forensics and response in a single solution to protect businesses from cyberattacks. 
  • Pop (Florida, USA): Pop provides on-demand delivery of smoke and vape products.
  • The Village Prime Care (Texas, USA): The Village Prime Care provides licensed, primary care providers the opportunity to treat patients using a team-based health case system to deliver a superior product and service to every patient.
  • LynxSystems (Washington, USA)
  • EirSystems (Tennessee, USA): EirSystems is building medical technologies with blockchain applications to reduce inefficiencies in the healthcare industry. Its first product, P.A.G.E Prescriptions, will act as a supply chain for the prescribing process that will provide tracking and oversight to prescription medication better than before with our distributed ledger technology. 
  • GoHISO (California, USA): GoHISO is an online booking marketplace for services that empowers anyone to setup a full-featured booking page in minutes and instantly connects them to the marketplace to grow their business and online brand. 
  • Indie Goodz (Texas, USA): Indie Goodz is a place where today's informed consumers explore and discover America's coolest indie merchants and products by complementing the personal experience of shopping local with the convenience of online access.
  • Sensorygen (California, USA): Sensorygen uses computational biology to discover natural compounds to replace toxic/harsh chemicals in the products we use everyday. 
  • Weeve (Texas, USA): Weeve reduces turnover at businesses by providing a better way to understand and act on candid employee feedback through a scalable AI chatbot called Kim.
  • HearHere (California, USA): HearHere is a revolutionary audio platform that shares the depth and diversity of stories - economic, geographical, artistic, political, historical and mythological - hidden along the roads of America. 

About Newchip Accelerator:
The Newchip Accelerator is an immersive, equity-free, online accelerator program for Early Stage to Series A startups serious about scaling their businesses to the next level. Participants engage in a comprehensive curriculum of training, 1-1 mentor sessions, Masterminds, and live classes to prepare them to raise investment capital from Angels, VC’s, and the crowd. Three components comprise the Newchip Accelerator: Bootcamp, Pre-Seed, and Seed. Startups apply and are accepted into an appropriate Accelerator program based on the stage, traction, and trajectory of their business.

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