Kitewheel Unveils Journey Steps for End-to-End Customer Journey Measurement

New measurement framework empowers strategic decision-making and helps all organizational teams prove the ROI of customer journeys

BOSTON, Sept. 16, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Kitewheel, the provider of the world’s leading customer journey platform, today announced that it has launched new journey measurement capabilities that solve an industry-wide problem. At a time when customer experience matters more than ever, Kitewheel’s Journey Steps provide unified customer journey measurement that ties engagement directly to specific brand and business goals.

Kitewheel has added the new Journey Steps measurement framework to its award-winning Customer Journey Hub. In an age where customer experience is more valuable than brand identity, this new data-driven framework gives brand and customer experience teams the ability to set specific journey steps as customer journey objectives that become the building blocks for journey mapping, orchestration, and measurement. Journey Steps create a unifying backbone for journey intelligence, deploying a common set of organizational metrics against which technical users, analysts, business users and executives can measure journey success.

According to an August 2019 Forrester report, “The Journey Measurement Framework: Assess And Predict Journey Performance,” customer experience professionals often don’t know whether the customer journeys they implement deliver actual value to customers. They are looking for reliable KPIs that combine organizational goals and customer satisfaction. “CX pros face a new challenge,” writes Maxie Schmidt-Subramanian and Joana van den Brink-Quintanilha. “They must measure whether customer journeys are successful. Why? To more effectively prioritize CX improvement efforts and gauge whether those efforts are working.”

The Kitewheel Journey Step framework empowers organizations to visualize the relationships between disparate customer interactions and analyze the effectiveness of entire sequences of touchpoints. This helps executives view business performance in terms of measurable and action-oriented insights. The new Kitewheel capability includes enhancements in three key areas:

  • Updates to the Customer Journey Hub’s strategy layer enable the creation of journey steps as foundational elements for customer journeys, fundamentally changing the infrastructure of journey measurement
  • The synchronization and resolution of identities from diverse systems, allowing for the creation and management of unified customer profiles via the new Kitewheel ID manager (KWID), thus eliminating manual consolidation of customer profiles and enabling granular visibility into journey performance
  • Full data availability for rich and robust analytics as well as executive dashboards that track journey success from end to end

“Kitewheel takes a data-driven model and applies it to the design and build-out of impactful and customer-centric journeys,” said Joshua Berkowitz, Vice President of Product at Kitewheel. “We have built this framework to provide a unified view of journey performance, a natural progression for us at Kitewheel based on our deep expertise in Journey Management.”

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Kitewheel orchestrates intelligent customer journeys by unifying decisions across all touchpoints for brands and their agencies. Kitewheel’s innovative Customer Journey Hub unifies disparate systems, touchpoints, and technologies to provide seamless customer experiences that drive real-time revenue as well as long-term loyalty.
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