Digital Check Introduces Updated SmartSource Elite Scanner with High-Resolution ID Card Image Capture, Self-Cleaning Mode

Northbrook, Illinois, UNITED STATES

San Diego, CA, Sept. 18, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Digital Check has made significant updates to its SmartSource Elite series check scanners, which include major new features as well as a general component update. The improvements will be included with all new Elite series devices beginning in April 2020, the company announced at the Jack Henry Symitar Educational Conference on Wednesday. 

Chief among the upgrades is the addition of a new self-cleaning mode. This feature reminds the user when it’s time to maintain the scanner, then uses an automated process to "scrub” key components with a cleaning card. “A similar function on the company’s TellerScan TS500 has greatly simplified maintenance and improved compliance among users of that model,” said Rick Cusimano, Digital Check’s vice president of global sales.

“Testing has shown that adding mechanical assistance has greatly improved the effectiveness of the Elite series cleaning routine. The new back-and-forth roller motion cleans parts of the scanner that simply weren’t possible to reach with a manual process.” Cusimano explained. “Some operators will also forget about cleaning entirely, so including a visual prompt through a warning light will reduce human error.”

Also prominent on the new Elite series is a re-engineered ID card capture track, which now moves the feeding of ID cards from the rear to the front of the scanner. The updated models also feature a standard 600 dpi color camera – ideal for reading barcodes, validating microprinting, and other machine-readable security applications.

The new Elite series scanners retain full backward compatibility with previous versions, meaning existing users will be able to incorporate them without any application changes. The MSRP for all models remains unchanged. Existing customers using older APIs are encouraged to contact Digital Check, to ensure that all the new features will be supported.

Affected models include not only the multi-feed SmartSource Elite, SmartSource Expert Elite, and SmartSource Pro Elite models, but also the SmartSource Micro Elite, a compact single-feed check scanner aimed at the remote deposit capture market using select API versions. Limited quantities of the updated models are currently available to Digital Check partners for testing purposes and special projects.


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