Fusion Joins Forces with Hortis to Empower Projects to Get Started Building on the Fusion Protocol

New York, New York, UNITED STATES

New York, Sept. 19, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Fusion Foundation, the non-profit organization building the next generation infrastructure for decentralized global finance, today announced it is partnering with technology consultant Hortis to fast-track adoption of the Fusion blockchain.

Hortis is a blockchain development house based in Switzerland that positioned itself as the leading technical resource for decentralized application development. With circa 40 projects exploring how to leverage Fusion’s DeFi development tools, Hortis is a strong addition to the Fusion support ecosystem. Hortis joins Stockup, Geneva University, Nimbus-t and others as a Swiss-based partner of Fusion, an area where the team is focused on establishing a significant presence.

“We are working to cement our position as a top-tier blockchain consultancy and are targeting projects like Fusion that we believe have immense potential,” said Christian Broillet, Senior Consultant at Hortis. “We look forward to providing our expertise to support the growing list of companies looking to build decentralized applications on Fusion’s interoperable architecture.”

Fusion’s MainNet that was custom built to tackle decentralized finance (DeFi) launched on the 30th of June and is currently running smoothly as it is supported by 300+ nodes. Innovative DeFi functions were built into the Fusion blockchain at the protocol layer to enable easy digitization, peer-to-peer swapping and time-value extraction. Another Fusion innovation known as Distributed Control Rights Management (DRCM) is slated for release in Q4 2019 and has the industry buzzing. DCRM purports to solve the industry wide problem of interoperability between blockchains. Fusion is on the hunt for technology providers to help serve the heavy demand for blockchain development resources.

“Hortis is another high-quality technology integrator excited to build on top of our infrastructure,” said Dejun Qian, CEO of Fusion. “We are thrilled to have technology partners jump on board to learn about our core infrastructure and development tools and support our growing list of partners.”


About Fusion

Fusion Foundation is a non-profit organization building the next generation infrastructure for decentralized global finance. By providing innovative companies and developers with the open source technology they need to build peer-to-peer time and value-based applications, the world will enjoy financial transactions that are more accessible, efficient and transparent than previously possible. Fusion’s seasoned team of industry veterans led by Founder and CEO DJ Qian, a blockchain pioneer who previously launched two top 20 global blockchain projects (VeChain and QTUM), is working to collaborate with financial institutions, cryptocurrency companies, businesses, peer-to-peer lenders, third-party app developers, academia, and the broader blockchain community. By providing the foundation that enables different cryptocurrency tokens, digital assets, off-chain values, and data-sources to be created and exchanged between the Fusion blockchain, other blockchains and financial systems, Fusion is moving ever closer to a globally accessible system for the free exchange of values. Visit www.fusion.org to learn more about Fusion and its partnership program.

About Hortis

Founded in 2002, Hortis now has more than 50 employees. HORTIS SA's offers cover all the expertise necessary to successfully carry out IT development projects: project management, business analysis, UX/UI design, software development and deployment. In 2010 HORTIS SA created Le Studio, our Digital department dedicated to mobile and web application development projects. In 2018 HORTIS SA created Le Block, our Blockchain Factory dedicated to blockchain application development projects. Innovation is at the heart of our development strategy. To learn more about Hortis, click here.


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